8 Signs You’re Chatting With A Psychopath

Not all psychopaths are murderers. Some lead “normal” lives. While there aren’t as many as we think, the idea of ​​a postman psychopath can be a bit concerning.

Psychopaths find joy in manipulation and harm others without remorse, whether physical or emotional. They will do everything in their power to get what they want and generally prove to be charming and fun for everyone who meets them. Their true personality is not often revealed, but when it is, you should take the high road. The psychopath will drag you into an argument and quickly force you to defend yourself, even if it was an argument they caused.

If you’ve ever had an argument with such an intense person, you may have been dealing with a psychopath. Below is a list of warning signs that will help you identify arguments against psychopaths in the future. When this happens, cutting your argument and going in the opposite direction is your only option.

Arguing with a psychopath is not going to accomplish anything. You will spend too much time obsessing and feeling exhausted. They are not worth your time or energy.

1. They play the victim card
No matter what happens, the psychopath will always try to pretend you are the wrong person. Either way, their bad behavior turns into a conversation about something terrible from their past and leaves you feeling uncomfortable again.

2. You have to explain basic human emotions to them.
They really don’t seem to really understand emotions. Things like kindness or empathy fly over their heads. They know they are hurting you by explaining that something is causing you pain will not stop them.

3. They seem to be completely different people sometimes

It is as if they have several personalities. Sometimes they represent everything you could want in a person and other times they are a source of harm that you cannot help but run away from. They do it because they change themselves to fit who they need to be at all times. If you retire, they’ll apologize and be nice, but if they know they’ve got you under their wing for good, they’ll be vicious.

4. They make excuses
They never follow anything. Whenever they say they are going to do something, they are given an excuse to explain why they cannot or cannot do it.

5. They lie
Psychopaths are masters of lying. They can lie to you without even thinking twice and will never regret it.

6. They are hypocrites

Psychopaths will push all their shit qualities on you. For example, if they are liars, they will call you a liar, etc. They know you will feel an increase in their own blemishes on your face and that is what they want. They want you to react in an extreme way so that everyone around you thinks that it is you who are mad.

7. They accuse you of feeling emotions they intentionally elicit.
They will call you jealous if you see them flirting with someone else on purpose or anything else.

8. They deny their manipulative behavior
They will constantly tell you that they have done nothing, even if you have the proof. Ignoring the evidence is something they are known for.