8 subtle signs that prove this guy is a jester

The first date with this guy met at random or better, your crush for several months. But if during the “date”, you identify one of these eight signals: flee!

Since the jesters look like all the other guys, it’s sometimes difficult to identify them. Unless you add a “broken plan” alarm over their heads, it is better to remain vigilant. Because if some signs are obvious (he talks about his ex non-stop, he is fixed on his phone when we talk to him …), there are clues that are more difficult to pin down. But we are there to help each other, so here is a small list of details that should not be overlooked during the first meeting.

He did not ask us for our opinion on the meeting place

Because the gentleman has taken the first step to speak to us, he believes that he can choose the bar/restaurant for the first date … regardless of what we think. He doesn’t care if we have an hour of transport, it goes over his head. Proof that he is surely selfish and that he puts his interests before ours. Bye Bye.

He keeps his sunglasses even if he doesn’t need them

Unless you need it for medical or obvious reasons (sun opposite), why does he keep his sunglasses? He doesn’t want to look us in the eye, he has something to hide? Yes, it can be stylish (or cheesy, it depends), but for a first date, it’s still more fun to see each other’s eyes because you learn a lot by looking.

He complains all along

OK, he may have had a bad day, but does he really have to complain about his boss for two hours? We would like to know what he likes in life. Apparently moaning is his passion. And no thanks.

He only talks about him

Didn’t he ask us a single question about us? Bad sign. This shows that he is not interested in what we do, what we like or hate … We conclude that he is certainly egocentric and that’s bof bof for a serious relationship.

He tells us that he is “serious”

Crazy plan alert! He tells us about his past stories but we can see Tinder and Happn alerts on his phone. Ah okay, we perceive the character. The door is there!

He is not nervous

While it has taken three hours to find the ideal outfit helped by our friends and we have the impression that we are going to vomit, he is super relaxed. Take it easy. He is certainly used to the first dates. Not ideal if you want to get involved seriously.

He calls his mother “mom”

“Mum makes the best lasagna in the world. Do you like to cook?” So first, why would it be up to us to cook? And then he says “mom”. She is her terrestrial center and we can already imagine the rivalry taking place between her and us. Not good at all.

He leaves a big tip to the waiter

In addition to having insisted on paying our share (it is in 2017, the man does not always have to pay for two), he leaves a big tip to the server. History to impress us. “Hey, look what a man I am!”. Yes OK, he doesn’t look tight but no need to play the Rothschilds either. Beware of bling a little too much