8 things that change when you’ve been together for a long time

In a relationship it is important to know if you and your sweetheart are on the same wavelength! If you are planning to get married while he is only looking for a temporary flirtation, there is no doubt that you are going to encounter unpleasant passages! This is why it is important that you both discuss in order to define the serious relationship. At the start of a relationship, everything is beautiful, everything is rosy, it is the phase of seduction. And then the relationship evolves, and it’s also wonderful. Here are 8 things that change when you’ve been together for a long time.

1 / He bought you flowers VS He bought you stamps

During the seduction phase, your darling will offer you flowers, whether there is a special occasion or not. However, when you live a true love together on a daily basis, your darling will put aside her embarrassment and will go and buy you your towels/tampons. And he will always take the right ones because he will know the brand you are using.

2 / You slept in his bed VS You used his toilet

You have probably already slept several times with your boyfriend, but did you use his toilet, to make the big commission? As stupid as it sounds, it’s a sure sign that things have gotten really serious between the two of you! Because, unless you are in a serious relationship, you would never risk staining his toilet! CQFD.

3 / He knows your dreams VS He knows your faults

A recent boyfriend will know what you plan to do later in your life, and what your dreams are. But your love with whom you share everything will know much more than that! He will also know your faults, small or big! Of course, he will surely not regard them as faults, because he will even love the parts of you that embarrass you the most.

4 / He saw you naked VS He saw you without makeup

Letting your boyfriend see you naked is one thing, letting him see you removed is another! Especially if you are a fan of makeup and you never go out without it!

5 / He met your friends VS He knows your friends

A recent boyfriend will know the names of all your friends, and will recognize them. But your love with whom you have been living a wonderful relationship for some time already will go even further, he will know your friends, really. And may even consider them as his!

6 / He organizes your next outing VS He makes plans for the future with you

Arguably the most important difference between a short relationship and a long relationship! The first will plan with you for the coming days, or the next weekend, while the second will, with you, plan for the decades to come! You will discuss the number of children you want to have, their first names, where you would like to live, etc.

7 / He informs you of the important decisions in his life VS He consults you during the important decisions of his life

At the start of a relationship, your darling will tell you about the important events in his life, and the choices he will have made. But over time, he will consult you, and allow you to give your opinion, to enlighten him, and to include your voice in his life choices.

8 / He is with you in good times VS He is with you in bad times

When you are together, everything is wonderful, and that’s great! But over time, your darling will be able to be even more present for you when you are going through difficult times And that is undeniably that things are serious between you in his eyes.