8 things women don’t know about their men’s thoughts

What do men think about? The mystery is now solved!

Unlike women, men are not very gossipy when it comes to love. In general, they are quiet and mysterious in nature, and they tend not to express what they are feeling. Conversely, they think, and their thoughts create doubts in the opposite s**x. Even if you’ve known Jules for years, it’s hard to translate his true thoughts. Despite the efforts to encourage him to spit it out, it is always lost! But not anymore, because we have solved the mystery. Now you will be able to know what he is thinking about anywhere and no matter what he is doing with everything that follows.


1.What he thinks in the street

Why does the guy take pleasure in staring at girls? It is a question of genetics, because the man is naturally attracted to the opposite s**x to such an extent that he can fix a girl with a pointed gaze. When she is not paying him attention, he then indulges his heart with joy in staring her up and down. Yes, her interest does not go directly through the br**asts and bu**tocks!


2.What he thinks in front of his computer

Yes, the weather changes with technological developments. If your guy likes to hang out with his smartphone or computer, it’s not to look at the best sales in online stores. Obviously, not all of them are like that, And if your partner makes up some bogus excuses, they want you to stop disturbing them and respect their secret garden.


3.What he thinks in front of the TV

During the evenings of football matches, Jules is more open with his friends than with you. This is normal, because he must be careful with his daily behavior. Suddenly, the evenings with his friends turn into moments of fun where he lets go, he screams, he whistles, and sometimes even, he becomes a real macho with the phrase like: “Honey, bring me some beer. icy before Christiano Ronaldo shoots that free-kick! Or “Get out of there, you hide your view!” ”


4. What he thinks with his girl

A man who loves is someone devoted, always taking little care of his sweetheart. In his eyes, you are the one and only, but also, you are his protege. Although he was cheating on you with another, it was never serious. Far from him the idea of ​​harming you. As Freud explained Freud: “As much in man as in animals, desire is an instinct for the need for reproduction. ”


5.What he thinks with his mistress

The unfaithful man who cheats on his partner does not mean that he has stopped loving her. Surely, he is not proud of this situation so much that he never stays very long with his lover and gets rid of her to avoid any arguments that would ruin everything. Do not think of a phallocracy at all since by doing that, he makes it understand its place in his heart, and that their story has no future.


6.What he thinks with his children

The love a father has for his children is not that different from that of a mother. Aware of the unwavering maternal instinct, he does not oppose the nature of his partner to care about the smallest things that happen to their offspring. That does not mean that he is indifferent to all the circumstances of his toddler’s life. However, he looks forward to the beautiful day when his boy dons his very first basketball jersey. There, he found his title of father.

7.What he thinks with his in-laws

The couple must know how to be more independent of the in-laws for the relationship to go well. Aware of this reality, your man wants at all costs to cut the cords with the respective parents to become adults. Do not see anything wrong there, because Mr. just seeks to take enough distance with his beautiful family to find the happiness of his couple. This happiness should in no way pass through the recommendations of either the mother-in-law or the father-in-law.


8.What he thinks with his friends

Like you with your group of friends, Jules tells his friends everything. Since middle school, they’ve been inseparable, they’ve known each other, and they share little secrets about girls. For him, it is difficult to separate from his childhood friends. In his eyes, his friends are much more than confidants, they are brothers who cover him during binge parties in the clubs and bars of the neighborhood. Shut, because you don’t have to know all this!