8 things you do after a breakup

The post-ruptures behaviors that you certainly adopt!

There is no worse time to go in a love life than breaking up. In addition, when it comes suddenly and catches you off guard, you completely pick yourself up! Lost in your feelings, between anger, hatred, and sadness, you spend your days rehashing all the facts and drooling over them. Also, you adopt certain behaviors and attitudes from the strangest to the most understandable! We have then gathered a few for you, and if you recognize yourself there, know that more than one have also chosen these paths.

1.You spy on Facebook, Twitter …

Because it was he who decided to definitely break up, there is another girl behind this whole masquerade. You then embark on a thorough investigation, like a real spy, you track him down on social networks. Everything must be combed through, his additions of friends, the photos he “likes” and his comments, also the comments of other girls on his own photos, but also and above all, his possible change of status: “as a couple “To” single “to be” in a relationship “again. When will he proclaim it and who will be the lucky one?

2. make yourself pretty in case you run into him

You know very well that you will meet on the way to work or that you are both invited to a joint evening. Also, it is the moment to put the package, facials, make-up, cleavage, pumps … are required so that he becomes aware of all that he has lost. You want to make you regret it bitterly considering your maxi-tight outfit which emphasizes your wonderful curves too well, you did not go with a sweaty hand!

3.You tickle his jealousy

You didn’t stop at your super-s**xy outfits. When you find yourself in the same place, you don’t hesitate to wander around these gentlemen, and even to find yourself all alone in the middle of a bunch of friends who are not indifferent to your sensuality. But still, in your photos on social media, you constantly display yourself with handsome guys not to mention your many confusing comments. History to prick him a post-breakup jealousy crisis!

4 depressing songs, you know them

It’s a must, you play it Bridget Jones way! Deep down the songs that mess your mind with a pot of ice cream in your hands and all the tears in your body. When your ex’s favorite song comes on, it’s the apotheosis! And the worst part is that you play it in a loop and with the same effects: your sobs which somehow accompany the song.

5.You review all your photos

Sitting on the couch, pot of ice cream in hand, and the depressing songs muted, now’s the time to launch yourself into a whole new wave of nostalgia: your photo albums. The catch is, you’ve already made up your mind to forget it. Alas, viewing the photos does little to help you, they only remind you of the good times you spent together while you try to remember only the worst.

6.You go through and over your relationship on a loop

You spend most of your time trying to find an answer to this situation which seems incongruous to you. But why did you come to this? You review each moment spent together, the words exchanged, his looks, his attitudes … You try to exploit the slightest leads, but in vain, you do not find any enlightened and precise answer. Also, you go back to each of the aforementioned steps in the previous paragraphs. It’s an infernal circle!

7.You lock yourself in your home

After the breakup, you don’t want to leave your home anymore. No more romantic walks in the parks, dinners, cinemas… so, what’s the point of stepping outside again? You have made the sofa your best ally which is both your bed and your HQ, because you need to have an office to handle this matter to research both the root reasons for the breakup and the best ways to overcome it. But it’s also very convenient for you to mope in tears while watching romantic movies. From another point of view, it is better that you stay inside, given your ugly demeanor, which is quite understandable … only to some!

8.You finally live again!

Days go by and weeks go by, and you have finally overcome this dark period, it’s about time! You have decided to resume the course of your existence. With new goals, you are more motivated than ever. You’ve finally conquered your fears and buried any feelings you may have had for your ex. You are going to conquer new encounters, now you want to start a whole new story. But right at this very period, this new beginning, he resurfaces, as if he comes back crawling imploring you to take him back. Alas for him! It’s too late, the die is cast!