8 things you love to hate about a guy – An almost perfect guy

Finding Prince Charming is a struggle. Therefore, when we have found our other half, we can rejoice. Our guy is almost perfect but although we complain about it, let’s face it some small flaws make us crack. Which?

1. His belly devoid of muscles
Yes, our darling doesn’t have chocolate bars. Him, he likes hamburgers and beer, and it shows. But as we complain out loud, we love to curl up against this teddy bear.

2. His sloppy appearance
A guy is not always dressed to the nines. As we spend hours in the bathroom, he is content to shower and put on the clothes that are lucky enough to end up at the top of the pile. It doesn’t matter! Even with its neglected appearance, it makes us crack.

3. His awkward side
Our guy has two left hands. He is unable to wipe the table without putting all the crumbs on the floor and when he has to vacuum, there is bound to be breakage. But it’s so funny to see him try to iron a shirt that we forgive him for everything.

4. His total inability to do the shopping
Difficult to let our guy do the shopping. He forgets toilet paper, washing-up liquid, or even coffee but comes home with frozen pizzas, children’s cereals, and his favorite magazine. So that makes you smile, doesn’t it? Especially when he realizes it.

5. Or to cook …
Guys don’t always know how to cook and balanced food is foreign to them. But although we try to be careful of our figure, how can we blame him for lovingly preparing spaghetti bolognese with fries?

6. His childish tastes
Our darling loves video games and superhero movies. He can spend hours on his console screaming or watching TV eating crisps. But we girls, what do we do? We spend evenings watching romantic comedies or calling our girlfriends! Where is the difference?

7. And uncertain …
Yes, our guy is full of surprises! This summer he doesn’t want to go to the beach. He wants to visit Belgium and taste Trappist beers. At the bar, he orders a bottle of wine and at the restaurant a Suze. He’s offbeat but so adorable…

8. His originality
Guys, more than us, don’t hide. They demonstrate unfailing authenticity. Yes, it’s him, it’s my boyfriend swinging his hips on Britney Spears in this bar, in front of all our friends. He was also the one who chose to wear this abominable t-shirt that he already had during those high school years.
All these little things exasperate us sometimes, but will always make us smile!