8 Tips Borrowed From Psychology To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Love is never a certainty. No one is granted the right to be loved by so-and-so. Love is not something that is automatically promised to us. It’s not something you can make it work just because you want to. There are many things at work to make your idea of ​​love triumph. You can’t expect people to fall in love with you just because you want it to happen. You have to succeed in accepting that in love, people triumph and fail, and that is normal.

However, this does not mean that you have to be passive in your approach to love. You still have to want to fight for the love you want. You must use the time and effort necessary to pursue the love of your life. Sometimes, and for a love story to work, persistence and commitment are real keys. Don’t just give up at the first hurdle. You never know what the impact of a little extra effort can be.

But are you still not sure how you should proceed? No worries. Science is there to help us. A human brain is an object of complexity. But that does not mean that we are unable to understand certain aspects of how it works. Many studies on the human mind have been conducted and science offers us some advice as to how to best manage the complexity of social situations. Do you want someone, in particular, to fall in love with you? Of course, there is no method to guarantee that this happens. You will need luck. But there are some things you can do to substantially increase your chances of finding love. Here are some tips from psychology to help you fall in love with you.

1. Don’t underestimate the power of a good impression.

Sometimes it all comes down to the first meeting. Do not think that the first impression does not count. A person is able to automatically decide whether or not you are compatible at the time of the first meeting.

2. Do not make yourself “excessively available”.

Do not present yourself as someone too desperate or overly rushed. Make sure that whoever awakens your romantic desires understands that you have a life outside of any potential relationship. You do not want to be perceived as this person incapable of living if he is not in a relationship.

3. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact.

Eye contact is extremely important, especially when you want someone to fall in love with us. By establishing eye contact with a person without being embarrassed, you demonstrate at the same time your availability and your vulnerability.

4. Make sure you don’t have wandering eyes when you are with your partner.

If you’re going out, stay fully focused on him. No one wants a date with someone whose eyes seem to be sweeping the faces of other people, their cell phones or other written content. Give him your full attention and the respect he deserves.

5. Allow this person to water you with friendly gestures or gifts.

It is common knowledge that many men like to feel necessary and important. If he wants to do something nice for you, let him do it. This will help him to inflate his ego and he will be happy to know that you accept and appreciate his kindness.

6. Organize “candlelight” meetings.

Psychology tells us that “candlelight” atmospheres create conditions conducive to intimacy and tenderness. Set the scene by organizing a romantic date in a restaurant with subdued and subtle lighting. It dulls the visual senses but results in everything else!

7. Unleash your passion.

Nothing is more attractive than someone sincerely passionate about something. It will be good for him to know that you are really passionate about your job, your career or any hobby; if you are incapable of passion, it also means that you can hardly get passionate about him.

8. Talk about your efforts to become someone better.

We instinctively tend to hide our faults from the people we value most. We want to impress them and therefore try to offer them an image of perfection. However, it would be much wiser for you to recognize your faults and your intention to change. Remember that people always appreciate a good “fight” punctuated by a “success story”.