8 Tips to Survive When Living a Long Distance Relationship

Discover some tips for lovers who live a long distance relationship. 8 ideas of little things or activities to do if you miss your boyfriend or girlfriend!
Living a love story from a distance is never easy. Lack, the desire to see the other, to kiss him, to speak eye to eye can be obsessive for two people who love each other. Being separated from the woman or the man from her life can sometimes be experienced as a kind of small break. Even if you know that he / she will return, the absence is painful. And yet if your couple manages to overcome the distance, you can be comforted in the fact that they can, in the future, survive the many hardships of life.
Living a long distance relationship has some significant advantages! This increases your confidence and your mutual tenderness. But the most important thing is that you are genuinely happy to get together to spend time together.
How to hold when one lives a complicated distance relationship? How to maintain the flame of your love?
If you miss your boyfriend (s), here are some tips to help you live your long-distance relationship more calmly.

Reread your old conversations

Immerse yourself in the thread of your discussions what’s app, sms or Messenger in order to remember all the romantic phrases that you have exchanged since you know each other.

Smell its smell

Ask him to give you his perfume before leaving. You can spray a few scented drops on your pillow, pajamas or a soft toy. This intoxicating smell will remind you of its presence.

Wear one of his clothes

Before he / she leaves ask him for a garment (t-shirt, scarf …) that he / she has worn in recent days. You will be able to smell its smell during its absence.

Do a love activity from a distance

Even when you are far away, it is possible to share an activity! Discover some ideas here: on the internet there is enough for everyone

Dream awake …

Lie back in peace and imagine yourself, in a magical, idyllic or fantastic place. It’s up to you to create a scenario in which you will be the heroes!

Plan your next meeting

Search the internet for various activities you can do during your next meeting.

Write him a letter

The internet and computers are modern and practical, yes … but writing and paper can be quite romantic.
Isn’t it wonderful to write, on beautiful paper, a letter to the person we love!
Sending a letter, waiting for a response … it’s retro, but very pleasant (and original!). So do not hesitate to wake up the romantic inside you!

Try to think of something else

Although it may seem complicated, it is important that you continue to see your friends and do your favorite activities. Organize cinema outings, play sports, go to a restaurant, take care of an institute …