8 toxic people to avoid

Attention danger!

Toxic people are people who are part of our entourage (near or more distant) and who, under their apparent kindness, in reality hide a harmful personality … 

What do they have in common? They may say the opposite, they do not want us good, and do not do us any good when we are around them.

The chief whiner

The life of whiners is only a series of catastrophes and disappointments, which they love to tell us in full, in depth, and across. These are people who only complain and mull over their misfortune, and who only care about us because we are empathetic and given the attention they need to exist. On the other hand, our problems, they do not care!

The gossip on duty

Discussing and sharing secrets with the gossip on duty, it’s fun: she knows how to build trust and listens better than anyone. The problem is, once we’ve told her our little stories, she’ll hasten to peddle them to everyone … especially if it’s dramatic or crisp gossip. Talk about a relationship of trust!

The cynic who denigrates everything

How to recognize a serial denigrator? It’s simple: in her eyes, nobody stands out, everyone sucks, ugly, stupid, uninteresting, grotesque … She takes everything and everyone down and gratuitous badness is her favorite activity. Normal: as she lacks self-confidence, she tells herself that by denigrating everyone, she is bound to shine.

The girlfriend who belittles us all the time (but it’s for fun huh!)

This one, she is especially vicious: since we know her, she spends her time in our room, more or less n**stily, with her little sardonic reflections. But every time we go to retaliate, she cracks up with a “ho, you know I’m kidding, have you lost your sense of humor or what?” “. And suddenly, in the name of humor, she spends her time sending us green and unripe …

The eternal dissatisfied

The eternal dissatisfied one is the one who will never answer “great! When asked politely how you are doing. She may have a great life, she will always find the little detail that will cast a shadow on the picture. Annoying, and very frustrating …

Queen of hypocrites

Hypocrites are hyper-toxic people who can really hurt us. Because when we let our guard down with someone who pretends to be interested in us, to understand us, to appreciate us, and we realize that at the first opportunity they will turn their backs on us and drool over us above, it hurts a lot.

The tyrannical despot

Very authoritarian, control freak and stubborn, the bully likes everyone to do as she decides constantly. She loves most of all that she scares people, but hates and goes n**ts when you dare stand up to her.

The compulsive liar

People who spend their time lying about anything and everything (even on subjects as trivial as their perfume or their favorite singer) are people to be wary of: by lying to us, they are testing their manipulative power …