8 warning signs that you are in a relationship with the wrong person

When we fall in love, we tend to idealize our spouse and to be fooled by his words that reassure us deeply. Unfortunately, many people engage emotionally in stories that cause them harm. We can take a week like many years before realizing that the relationship does not bring us anything good.

A healthy relationship allows you to bring out the best in yourself. Love must inspire to evolve, to learn and to live exceptional moments with two. But some people engage with toxic partners, who do not match them and who make them suffer. The psychological consequences can sometimes be disastrous.

Discover the 8 signs that show that you are in a relationship with the wrong person:

1. They are constantly belittling you

When we are in a relationship, we should evolve to two. For this, each partner must show kindness and compassion. In moments of weakness, your partner should be able to remind you of your qualities and encourage you. But in some couples, there are people who are always in criticism, say hurtful words or give the impression to their partners that they are not up to the risk of hindering their self-esteem. If you are with this type of person, preserve yourself and think about the outcome of your relationship without further delay, especially if you are dealing with narcissistic manipulators.

2. They emit negative waves

Negative thoughts are contagious. Some life partners, with their morose character, may be angry or unhappy, which can cause considerable anger and sadness within the couple. A harmonious relationship is translated with the will to bring to the other happiness and serenity. If you’re bathing in negative emotions, it’s time to look elsewhere. You will be amazed at how much you can be satisfied with a more optimistic partner.

3. They want you to change

They are always in blame and require from their partners a change in their personality or aspect of their appearance. Each person has his qualities and his faults and when we are loved, we are appreciated as we are. The loving partners must encourage their spouses to bring out the best of themselves, without imposing a radical change, be it physical or mental.

4. They prevent you from living freely

Some partners need to have some control over their spouse, to feel dominant in the relationship. They try to always make decisions for you, it’s probably to control your existence. But you are not their thing and for two partners to be happy, they need to live freely. You have the right to choose your friends, to spend time without them and to keep some privacy without betraying their trust.

5. They constantly discourage you

In a relationship of love, to evolve positively, it is extremely important to hear positive sentences. Your subconscious records your spouse’s words and implements actions based on the quality of what he hears. If they tell you that you are incapable, that you will never achieve your goals, abandon them in their negativity and pursue your dreams.

6. They do not give you enough time

If your partner spends more time at work with friends or family than with you, it’s a good idea to ask the right questions. To maintain a stable relationship of love, it is essential that everyone give time and attention to each other. In a world where we all have responsibilities, your spouse has a duty to devote to you two times, if he cares.

7. They lie to you

Lying and betrayal can break many couples. If your partner has a tendency to lie to you, to make promises that he or she does not care about, and to invent you crazy stories to hide things from you, beware. If you can not trust your partner, your relationship will be doomed.

8. They hustle the past to hurt you

Some of our mistakes deserve to stay in the shadows. Two couples can not evolve if they keep looking back. We are human and we are all imperfect by definition. But if your partner tends to remind you of your old mistakes to hurt you psychologically, you have to put an end to it all.