8 ways to know if you are in love with someone

We are all familiar with the bubbly feeling of starting to fall in love with someone because people of all ages go through it all the time. The ‘subject’ of the person you like can be your classmate, your colleague, a neighbor or, heck, even your teacher! You don’t choose to get involved in this feeling, it just happens naturally, and that’s why it can go crazy at times. We are talking crazier than falling in love with a teacher; imagine being in love with a taken person – oh my!

One thing is for sure, it is not something you control. But not all butterflies in your belly translate into a crush, and it’s important to know the difference! This article will take you through 8 ways to accurately judge whether you are in love with a certain person or not. We’ve spread these 8 indicators across different types of crushes to cover more ground, so read on!

The meaning of being in love with someone

Before we move on to defining the indicators of a crush, it is imperative that we first clearly define a crush. According to Urban Dictionary, it is simply a super strong desire to be with someone that your heart finds special and attractive. Although this definition may have oversimplified squashing, it essentially falls within this explanation.

If you’re going through a crush right now, we know how you feel. You can’t stop smiling as you keep thinking about them during the day, and your whole world stops when they pass you by. They make you feel crazy emotions without even knowing it; You could be dizzy, flushed, and super shy all at the same time! But if you’re not sure if it’s a “crush” or just your hormones fooling you, this article is for you. Check these indicators for different types of crushes and see if it fits the description.

Fall in love with someone you hardly know

1. Consider how you feel when you are around them

Having a sudden feeling of butterflies in your stomach as soon as you are close to the ‘subject’ is usually an indicator of a crush, even if you barely know them. In the more serious infatuation, you might even feel like your heart dropped a bit or missed a beat when you got closer. In short, if you feel a combination of excitement and nervousness at the same time, it is safe to say that you like them.

2. Control your feelings of jealousy

Normally, if you are in love with a guy, it is a natural response to want him to be single, even if you have no plans to get close to him anytime soon. You may not even like hearing them talk or hang out with other girls. But on the other hand, if you really are not in love, you will be fine with them even flirting with other women.

3. Are you thinking about them while reading this article?

To be honest, if you are unconsciously associating a particular person with these infatuation indicators while reading this article, it may indicate that you are in love. Not always, however, you may be confused, but focus on what is going on internally in your mind as you ponder these points. Our hunch is usually correct about a question like this, and if it says yes, then it could actually be a yes.

Falling in love with someone at work

4. See if you’ve started to care a lot more about your appearance

When it comes to a potential crush on a co-worker, it can be difficult to differentiate between the emotional feelings of a friend and a crush. However, if it’s just a friendship, you wouldn’t care much what they think of your appearance. But if it’s about more than friendship, let’s say a “crush,” you wouldn’t follow your daily prep routine. You would mind looking attractive to the person you like. This would make you spend more time in front of a mirror, so watch out for this sign!

5. Are they all you think about?

This is a very important indicator to consider because our thoughts reveal the truest version of ourselves. If you think of that special someone much more than any other aspect of your life, you are probably in love with that person. Maybe you’ve always loved hanging out with your friends, but these days you just want to be with that person! Do you fantasize about them? If so, it is a strong yes.

6. Have you started talking about them all the time?

If one of your friends has ever fallen in love, you can remember him talking about him literally all the time. You could be talking about anything and they will lead the conversation to that specific person. If you are doing the same thing now, chances are you are in love with someone. If your friends tell you that you mention them in an annoying way 50 times a day, admit it right now.

Being in love with someone who is taken

7. You realize that you have vivid fantasies of your breakup

As demonic and evil as it may seem, if you are actually in love with a kidnapped person, your mind creates dreams of this kind. Paint in your mind this perfect romantic picture in which your current partner becomes the “bad boy” and abandons the person you like for no reason, leaving you, the noble hero of the story, to take care of him until finally fall in love with you. . If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking about this novel plot, you are in love with them!

8. Find ways to start a conversation with them

Without even being fully aware of what you are actually doing, you will find yourself asking unnecessary questions just to start a conversation. Sure, your mind will give you justifications for why you asked that particular thing, but keeping a close eye on it will tell you the truth. Hell, you’d even give them candid relationship advice to satisfy your guilt, but even that might just be for a few moments of bonding conversation.

How to stop being in love with someone

1. Distance yourself

It’s going to be a heartbreaking journey to intentionally muffle the cries of love radiating from your heart 24/7 – you have to go through it if necessary (especially if your crush has been taken). This means at least stopping talking to them and unfollowing them from social media sites to avoid being reminded of them. This will set the stage for a successful journey to forget the infatuation.

2. Stop mentioning them in conversations

Once you have stopped talking “to” them, you will need to stop talking “about” them. This includes telling your friends to act as an alarm system for every time you mention your crush in conversation. As you do, tell your friends never to bring it up too, if that wasn’t obvious yet.

3. Allow yourself to grieve, knowing that you will find someone better.

You cannot dodge the grieving process; it comes and you better get over it consciously. It’s totally okay to cry, allow yourself to openly feel the emotions your body is experiencing. However, don’t get mad at the person you like, it wasn’t their fault, just remember that everything happens for a reason. There are too many people in the world to have no hope of finding the perfect match!


The feeling of being in love cannot be compared to any other emotion or experience in the world, it is wonderfully painful, in a unique way. But reading the quotes mentioned above, it is clear that you are not the only one having these psychotic thoughts when you are going through it. It’s supposed to be heartbreaking, maybe that’s why it’s called “infatuation.” However, there is no reason to be desperate, maybe your crush will like you soon! However, before making any progress on them, use the indicators mentioned in this article to make sure that you are really feeling what you think you are feeling. All the best to you!