8 worst love killers in women

Everything you shouldn’t do in front of guys!

Love is blind… not that much, since many of our actions annoy our Jules. Ladies, there are things that our dear male companions cannot stand with us. So, if you don’t want to let go of that hunk you’re holding in your hand, avoid these behaviors at all costs.

1.Girls, girls… your hair, please!

These dear gentlemen like it when we take care of our body. When your hair begins to grow back, whether it’s under the arms, above the upper lip, below the chin, on the legs or even worse in the part of the but**ocks, never forget to pass a small blow of razor or of depilatory cream. For the intimate part, find out about your man’s taste, because some people like the full bikini line, and others the hairier one.

2.The art of makeup, some do not yet know what it is!

Applying makeup yes, but overdoing it no! Why ? Because men don’t like girls who put on excessively make-up, they prefer natural ones who assume without doing too much.

3. Maintain your hands, especially your nails!

Most men really fix our nails. For them, a woman with elegant hands is more attractive. In order not to scare your Jules away, take care of your nails. Dirty fingernails and chipped varnish are real brakes on love.

4.Your celibacy pajamas, in the trash

If you think he’ll want you in your good old pajamas, you’ve screwed up. To ignite a very virile male, nothing beats a s**xy little transparent nightie. While you’re at it throw in the Bridget Jones-style granny panties too, no man is excited to see that. These are the brakes on the s**xual appetite. Instead, opt for s**xy underwear that highlights your beautiful figure!

5. Get rid of your jackal breath quickly!

Who would want to approach or even kiss a girl who stinks of the mouth! You too, it’s the same, you will certainly move away from a man who neglects his oral hygiene. So why put your Jules through this? It is certain that a strange smell coming from you will make him take his legs to his neck!

6. Vulgarity, pity, not next to your darling!

Your swear words all day long, it scares any man away! Men see us as fragile people who speak with gentleness and tact. So when this little angel turns into a scum, it’s not pretty at all, it’s even shocking. Hold back when you are next to your target or your Jules. Vulgarity isn’t just about words, it also affects the way you dress. Overly flirty girls wearing miniskirts, tops that are too low-cut and high stilettos don’t attract anyone. You can be attractive without unwrapping a big part of your body!

7.Your oily hair leaves a lot to be desired!

Our soft, shiny mane is what guys love the most about us. They are taller than us, and they can see very well what is happening on our heads. Dare to walk with him with greasy or dirty hair, and you will see what will happen. It scares them. So long live the shampoos!

8.Your sickly jealousy turns them off

There is nothing unbearable for men to feel watched and watched. When he comes home after going on a little trip with his friends, don’t bombard him with questions. But above all, don’t call him every second to find out if he’s with someone else when he goes out. Stop rummaging through his things: his pockets, his mobile or his computer. Besides, it will go very badly if he surprises you. It’s not for nothing that he is with you, so have little faith in him!