87 Things To Do Instead Of Contacting Your Ex Boyfriend

At the beginning of the zero-contact period with your ex-boyfriend, it’s going to be very difficult to hold back the urge to call or text him.

For many, the urge to call or text is overwhelming.

Don’t worry, these ideas will help you.

If you’re trying to get over a man, there’s a long list of distractions to get him out of your head while the urge to chase him doesn’t go away:

  1. Take a long hot shower.
  2. Call a friend or friend.
  3. Go out for a walk.
  4. Do meditation.
  5. Listen to a self-hypnosis session.
  6. Do your nails yourself.
  7. Do a comedy movie marathon at home.
  8. Take a nap.
  9. Take a painting course.
  10. Do some volunteer service.
  11. Go to the movies alone.
  12. Buy fruits and vegetables at the fair or at your town’s central market.
  13. Organize or rearrange your living room or bedroom.
  14. Create or update your personal finance spreadsheet.
  15. Go to the mall to window shop.
  16. Knit.
  17. Read a book.
  18. Wash the dishes.
  19. Go out dancing with friends.
  20. Call your friends and invite them to listen to loud music and dance at your house.
  21. Go to the gym.
  22. Write in your journal.
  23. Do anything that consumes physical energy, like playing tennis or volleyball.
  24. Say more prayers.
  25. Put the pillow over your face and scream.
  26. Search for events in your community and join one.
  27. Take a cooking course.
  28. Read a magazine.
  29. Join an online support group or participate in article comments, whatever the topic.
  30. Start a blog.
  31. Read about the stories of others who have been through what you are going through right now.
  32. sing.
  33. Do something different with your hair.
  34. Write to people you haven’t talked to in a long time.
  35. Clean your email meticulously.
  36. Go outside to take pictures as you walk.
  37. Finish the tasks on that to-do list that haven’t been done yet.
  38. Play some video game, preferably a strategy game.
  39. Update your Facebook profile (don’t delete anything about your ex -boyfriend yet).
  40. Download new music.
  41. Buy flowers.
  42. Cook a well-crafted recipe for yourself or invite friends and cook for them.
  43. Go bowling.
  44. Write a letter to your ex-boyfriend and don’t send it, tear it up.
  45. Review old photos of yourself (except the ones you have with your ex).
  46. Pet your dog or cat.
  47. Pour water over your mother’s plants or the grass in the house.
  48. Give your feet a massage.
  49. Go to a bar that has karaoke.
  50. If your house doesn’t have any plants, buy plants.
  51. See in your wardrobe all the clothes and shoes that you no longer wear, that no longer fit, that are out of fashion, or that you never liked, and donate everything to people in need.
  52. Dust off your old musical instruments or buy a new one. Learn to play.
  53. Cleanse your face.
  54. Learn to speak French fluently.
  55. Write a letter to your future self, detailing everything you want to be or have 10 or 15 years from now.
  56. Write positive affirmations on pieces of paper and place them all over the house.
  57. Make a list of your best qualities. Leave this list on the fridge door or somewhere you see it often.
  58. Light candles or incense.
  59. Become a tourist in your city.
  60. Call a friend or family member who is struggling and offer your full support, just be sure not to talk too much about your breakup.
  61. Gather all the coins you have and put them in a piggy bank.
  62. Create a fund to serve as a motivation to avoid contacting your ex-boyfriend. When you can go a certain amount of time without contacting your ex (for example a full week), add money to the piggy bank. Use the money to buy yourself a nice present when you’re done.
  63. Make an extensive to-do list.
  64. Call your car dealership and schedule a review.
  65. Change your car tires.
  66. Plan a party.
  67. Plan your vacation.
  68. Start doing Muay Thai or Boxing.
  69. Practice aromatherapy. The scent of oils has a unique ability to change your emotional state.
  70. Paint the house.
  71. Make a rabbit out of your old socks or any animal out of your old clothes.
  72. Learn to juggle.
  73. Go to the zoo.
  74. Go to the museum.
  75. Create the courage to do everything you wanted to do before, but always put it off for later.
  76. Make a donation of all the things you no longer use.
  77. Get a 1-second job.
  78. Write a poem or short story.
  79. Anticipate all the work you need to do at your job and avoid putting everything off until later.
  80. Work overtime at work.
  81. Give or receive a massage.
  82. Make a green detox juice.
  83. Make a list of short, medium, and long-term goals.
  84. Research investments and risk some of your saved money.
  85. If you don’t have a pet, get one.
  86. Sprawl out on the couch in front of the TV.