9 advantages of being in a relationship with a messy partner

Lazy, immature, distracted, unproductive … Many stereotypes overwhelm the mess, prompting them to take charge and change. But what if, on the contrary, their permanent disorder was their greatest asset?

For many, being disorganized is a flaw, a sign that we are dysfunctional and unbalanced adults. All the messes are witnesses: the bazaar is badly tolerated, and there is constant pressure on these immature enthusiasts who let disorder settle in their homes like a distinguished guest. But this mess may just be what makes us exceptional. The truth is that organized people would be very fortunate to be able to go out with one of us.

And in case you still doubt it, here are a few reasons.

1- We are relaxed

You will never be asked to use a coaster or put on skates on your way home, and you will not be judged by your apartment, even if you build a perfect replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa with boxes of pizza near your sofa. And since housework is the third cause of separation for couples, going out with a mess, make sure you are back: no risk of finding yourself managing the hysteria attacks of an inflexible obsessed with traces of toothpaste in the bathroom sink. And admit it, it’s pretty nice.

2- Next to us, you will always look like a saint

Think about it: before us, you were just an ordinary person, admittedly quite organized, but average. Nothing to rave about. But next to us, you are the perfect man, the responsible and orderly person of the couple, the hero, in charge of the keys and the only one to hold the best, kept secret of the whole apartment: the place where to find the last clean teaspoon. It feels good to your ego, doesn’t it?

3- We will teach you lots of life tips to save time

To get by, a real mess must have tons of great tips to get rid of inevitable chores as quickly as possible: yes, we sometimes use dirty clothes to mop the bathroom floor, and we do not see how it is a crime. It’s going fast and we’re going to wash it anyway.

4- We are resourceful

“But it’s not possible, I saw it this morning, my computer charger, it was in the basket of dirty laundry, I don’t understand!”. Yes, we sometimes make small balls. There is a kind of curse hanging over the mess and that although 99% of the time, they find their way around in their gear without difficulty, every time they look for something specific (and/or urgent), impossible to get hold of it. But to overcome this difficulty, we became pros of the D system: a woman who knows how to open a bottle of wine with a screw inserted in the cork and a pair of pliers to pry (all because the corkscrew was sucked there two weeks ago by the black hole which is under his bed), admit that it has a certain charm.

5- We are also much more creative than the others (and in all areas)

And it’s scientific. Researcher Kathleen Vohs conducted a study in 2013 for Psychological Science of 48 people which proved that people in a messy environment found ideas far more innovative and original than those in an orderly environment. People who live in a permanent mess must be more creative, by necessity, in order to survive outside the boundaries of the organization. And everyone knows that creativity in a couple is essential.

6- We are also, let’s admit it, much funnier and spontaneous

The messy people are generally much more spontaneous: they prefer to worry about the overall situation rather than the small details of everyday life. A mess is going to be the first to spill her coffee, slip a tomato from her cheeseburger onto her new white sweater, and laugh at it. We are far from being little frightened princesses and we have understood for a long time that life itself was an uncontrollable mess, perpetual chaos, and that it is better to accept it than to cling to an illusion of control in sorting his socks by color and by the quality of the wool.

7- We always have everything on hand

Of course, we have new batteries for the remote control! It just remains to be seen where.

8- We love the unexpected, including at home

A Valentine’s Day card from college, the packaging of the platinum blonde dye we bought after Christmas to look a little more like Marilyn Monroe, since we already had her shapes thanks to the chocolate log, our old IPod… You have no idea of ​​the improbable things that can be found in a bazaar. And we love it: nothing makes us happier than falling back on forgotten memories, ridiculous or funny little things … Well, it’s the same with you. We love to discover your weird manias, your worst shame, your addiction to Tic-Tac with passion and your phobia of goldfish.

9- We have a lot more time to do cool things

You have to understand one thing: we are not messy because we do not have time to clean, but because we consider that we could use it to do a thousand things much more interesting than cleaning. An INSEE study shows that French women spend an average of 15 hours per week on domestic tasks, or 765 hours each year that they could spend on cultivation, having a drink with friends, going to the movies, learning to dance salsa or to travel, in short, to do things a thousand times more enriching than degreasing our baking sheets (which will be dirty again as soon as we cook pasta, what’s the use?). We are messy, we devote ourselves too much more essential things: you, among others.