9 attractive characteristics men look for in women

The characteristics that a man looks for in a woman often have nothing to do with how you look, the size of your bra, or any of the typical characteristics that we think men look for in a woman.

Although physical appearance is the first thing we notice (don’t we all do it?), When you are looking for someone to look for something serious and a wife, how you look is the last thing that counts. Believe it or not, there are 10 non-physical characteristics that men look for in women, it is sure that your boyfriend can list more than 9 physical characteristics that he likes about you: your eyes, your lips, but it is not the only thing he likes of you.

1. Attraction for personality

In this article, we are talking about a man, not a teenager, but attraction is still important. The difference is that adult, emotionally healthy men define attraction simply in the way they are attracted. Young, insecure men have strict standards on how women should be: slim, long-haired with big hips, otherwise, they are afraid of how their friends might make fun of their new girlfriend. When men are young their friends tease them a lot, so they try to live up to their friends’ expectations. When a man matures it is more important to satisfy him than his friends.

2. A woman who knows how to dress well

Men are attracted to sight, you know that, but that doesn’t mean you need to rush to get plastic surgery.

Dressing well and looking attractive is something that you can change immediately, small changes will make you stand out and draw your gaze towards you, you can better match your clothes, comb your hair, use a little perfume, put on makeup, etc.

It is about dressing well for the occasion and that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing, if you feel good about yourself you will show it and the people around you will perceive it.

Play with your changes of clothes so that you can see in the mirror which one suits you best and which combinations will highlight the parts you like the most about your body.

Do not exaggerate your makeup, men quickly realize when makeup is saturated, do tests in front of the mirror so that you know which makeup style suits your skin tone and your features, remember that it has a lot to do with it. the occasion for which you are applying makeup, it is not good to wear the kilos of makeup if you are only going to see a movie or walk talking.

3. A happy woman who loves what she does

Nothing quenches a man’s intentions more than a depressed or listless attitude. If you want extra attention, try to have a cheerful demeanor and make a flirty laugh, this will melt any man’s heart.

I agree that it is not always possible to have this attitude in any situation but think about how you would not like to have a date with a boy who does not like his life and who complains about everything, because the same thing happens With them, they will not want to be with a depressed girl, so try to see the positive side of things.

4. A woman who is sincere

In general, men are the ones who start the game of seduction, they are the ones who flirt at the beginning, but when they are reciprocated in flirting, things get more exciting.

Flirting back puts you in the position of a strong woman, it is not about being in control, but about acting as a confident and decisive woman.

Simple things like wetting your lips with your tongue, laughing softly at his jokes, and being genuinely interested in what your man is saying are some of the things you can subtly communicate to him so that he knows that you are interested in him too.

5. Who takes care of herself

In fact, they like that you spend all that money on creams and beauty products? Hold on to your chair, because the experts say “yes.” Taking care of yourself means that you will take care of him too, since they are the ones who enjoy all the benefits of your waxing, beauty treatments, and your purchases, they should at least admit it.

Skirts that are too short and plunging necklines draw attention, but if you go overboard by showing your skin too much, he will not take you seriously and will only look for something momentary with you.

6. A woman who has a topic of conversation

It is not about completely changing your tone of voice, it is just a slight modification to make your tone of voice more attractive.

Men hate that shrill voice that most women use when they are very excited, a more sensual voice is a little more serious and relaxed without forcing it. Try to exercise that new skill with the phone or by recording your voice so that when you make that change it is not too obvious or feigned.

7. A woman who does not seek rescue

Perhaps the term “distressed damsel” is too much to explain the concept of a woman in distress, however, that is the point.

Give your man the opportunity to save his girl in danger, this may be the dream of many, wanting to behave like “The Man” before you.

Men feel good about being needed and appreciated by our girls. At first, we are willing to do what the girl wants to help her, so if you see your boy, do not hesitate to approach him and ask him for help in something, this will make him jump to your rescue.

But men do not like women who do nothing and are just looking for a husband to support them.

8. Be adventurous

Nobody likes boring people, who want to move to a small town and have 4 children without doing anything exciting.

It is a quality that they like to try new things.

There are men who do not need a signal to approach to talk to a girl, but others, need you to give them that little push so that they come with you, and you do that with the game of looks.

When your prospect sees you, also look him in the eye, you don’t need to smile at him, but if you do, you will make the decision to approach him easier.

You don’t have to do this to every man who sees you, but if he looks decent enough, do it.