9 differences between dating at 20 and 30

Between the ages of 20 and 30, there’s a lot going on. First apartment, first job, first serious relationship … It’s the big upheaval. Here are 9 major differences that hatch when it comes to dating. 

1 – Before going on a date 

At 20: I don’t want to ask myself, I have time! You have to have fun without thinking too much. We will see where it will lead us …

At 30: I have no time to waste. My biological clock is ticking! I hope he wants to get married and start a family. 

2 – On lingerie 

At 20: all I care about is choosing cute underwear that makes me feel s**xy! 

At 30: s**xy yes, but above all, it has to sheath me!

3 – At the restaurant

At 20: I can take whatever I want, I don’t gain weight!

At 30: tonight, it will be salad. I really have to be careful. 

4 – When he doesn’t call back … 

At 20: what did I do wrong? Why doesn’t he call back?

At 30: well, I have nothing to lose. I’m calling to be fixed! 

5 – On his job 

At 20: Are you an artist? Whaaaaa! 

At 30: ah, you’re not very stable so … 

6 – On the rules 

At 20: phew I have my period! I am saved!

At 30: I still have my period … So I will never get pregnant or what? 

7 – On the hour 

At 20: oh it’s 3am, it’s okay! 

At 30: ooh there. It’s 11pm, I have to go to bed, I’m working tomorrow! 

8 – At home 

At 20: we order pizzas!

At 30: I have to impress myself with my culinary talents! 

9 – What we are looking for 

At 20: a guy to have fun, have a good time. 

At 30: the good, the husband, the father of our children!