9 favorite compliments of women

Compliments that melt a woman’s heart!

For the fairer gender, sincere and honest compliments are essential and are always good to hear, especially if they come from their suitor. But sometimes men don’t always know how to tactfully attract attention and bring a smile to the one that makes their heart beat faster. To compliment a girl without being too urgent and without offending her, here are the phrases she would like you to say, that stuff that works, I promise!

1. “You have beautiful ankles”

I’m pretty sure the ankles and wrists are the part of a woman’s body that interests you the least! But what you don’t know is that these areas play an important role in female beauty. It’s not for nothing that Ray Charles trusts a woman’s wrist to know if she is pretty without even seeing her. As he said: “Just stroke their wrists!” ”

2. “Your hair is so bewitching”

Hair is a major asset of seduction, even if women never like their manes like this, don’t hesitate to highlight them, it always works. So, bet on an original compliment that refers to her beautiful hair to captivate her, instead of going out every time: “You have beautiful eyes”. Certainly, her hair, whether long, short, curly, smooth … is soft, shiny, voluptuous and fragrant.

3. “Your complexion is really radiant”

If you want to compliment her beautiful face without sticking to her eyes, then refer to her skin tone, as the look of her skin and the freshness of her complexion are essential in the image she gives off. Regardless of her age, never forget that the face is the mirror of the soul, and any happy and loved woman can have a very beautiful complexion. The other alternative is to focus on her ch**eks with the phrase that will make her blush: “Your ch**eks are two little love apples. ”

4. “You have such soft lips”

Sensuality embodied is the mouth. To effectively compliment a girl and touch her directly, it’s all on her lips. Pay attention: their color, their shapes, his smile… Find what his mouth evokes in you, however, choose your words with delicacy and tenderness so as not to offend him.

5. “You have a sparkling humor”

Who is not proud to hear this kind of remark! Humor is not always reserved for men so gentlemen, swallow your misplaced pride, and no longer be afraid of the devastating humor of your companion. Learn to play on this land with her, go for it, and the seduction phase will be easier and more spicy.

6. “You have a harmonious silhouette”

By saying this phrase, you will be paying homage to her presence and grace, the way she moves and moves. It’s the beauty of her entire body that you notice, but not just her distinctly feminine attributes. So get out your artistic soul, and learn to spot the beauty of lines. However, do not dwell too much on his physique, be just as attentive to his character, his way of being and his way of influencing your behavior.

7. “With you, I can talk about everything”

This sentence is the best way to give thanks for her open-mindedness, her culture and the attention she pays you. Granted, it’s not really a compliment, but it is none the less, because by pulling out this sentence you are letting him know that you are offering him your full trust.

8. “You are full of life, with you, I won’t be bored”

If her drive and energy doesn’t leave you indifferent, and if it trains you to do things you aren’t used to doing or never thought about doing, then let her know. It’s a nice way to thank her, don’t you think!

9. “You are so spontaneous”

If you have come across a natural girl without complex or fuss and who does not take the head for a yes or a no, know that you have in your hands the rare pearl. And that, believe me, is worth a good compliment. So, don’t hold back!