9 golden rules of the fulfilled and happy woman

The secrets for a happier life!

Like all modern women of the 21 st century, you lead a life of 100 km / h. Between worries at work and your busy schedule at home, you always tend to forget something more important: YOU. While some have managed to overcome the daily routine, you are not going to refuse a few small changes in your life to feel good. Know that it is not a question of turning everything upside down, but of rectifying the habits that have hitherto prevented you from finding happiness on a daily basis. Here are 9 recipes for happiness to become a happy and fulfilled woman every day.

1. Make 10 minutes for yourself

Overcoming stress at work, family needs and the daily grind all help you forget that you are first and foremost a woman. It is therefore quite normal that you do not feel good about yourself. To remedy this, give yourself 10 minutes a day for a privileged moment to indulge yourself: from small stretching exercises to facials, including manicures, pedicures, not to mention the moment to leaf through your magazine. favorite … Only ten minutes, and you will see that your life will be great!

2. Dress in blue

As strange as it sounds, happiness can be hidden behind the color of your clothes, and not just any color. Blue is known to bring calm. So by putting on a suit of this tone, you will easily take stress away. Moreover, scientists have added that this shade in all its variations helps to increase self-confidence. Isn’t it remarkable that a simple color can change your daily life?

3. be happy with what you have

Instead of complaining about the things life hasn’t given you, you’ll be even happier if you’re happy with what you have. Suffice to say that true happiness is already before your eyes. It is true that your daily life can be tiring at times, but this is not a reason to be wrong with anyone, or even to be cruel to yourself. Now learn to ramble in your mind: “I have a great job”, “My family is perfect”, “I’m proud of myself!” “…


4. try new experiences

The thirst for new experiences is part of the lifestyle of happy people. Savoring exotic dishes, organizing girls’ evenings, discovering still little-known places awakens the mind … bring a great feeling of well-being. At the same time, learning new things arouses curiosity. So the more you open up to new challenges, the happier you will be.


5.Share your happiness for greater well-being

You will be even happier if you surround yourself with happy faces every day. The anger, nervousness, and annoyance quickly disappear to give way to smile or joy and positive thoughts. To keep others in a good mood at all times, offer them smiles, compliments, and encouragement. Above all, do not hesitate to set an example for those around you.

6. see life in pink

From sunrise to sunset, a person who sees their life in pink is happier and more fulfilled than one who takes everything that happens during the day seriously. You can sing in the shower, give a hug to your lover and your children before leaving the house, smile at your colleagues by saying “Hello” to them… Anything is good to share a good mood with those around you. Note that it is transmitted quickly from one individual to another.


7.Avoid becoming a super h**roine at all costs

For a woman, reconciling family and professional life is a difficult task, and more often than not, it seems really impossible. Yet if you accept that you are not a superhero with all the power in her, you will quickly be proud of yourself and your actions. Being fulfilled doesn’t mean being able to do everything. A happy woman accepts herself as she is, and she assumes her capacity, her power, her limit… Take the time to think about it, and you will end up being more serene.

8. get your man to help you

Trust someone you trust to share your emotions, your anger, your grudges. By doing this, you will see that it will pass quickly. Starting from the idea that you are not a superh**roine with incredible power and that household chores aren’t going to work out like a wave of a magic wand, get help from time to time by your man. And if fatigue persists, take a romantic or family break for a weekend.


9. cultivate your friendship

Having friends to chat, talk to, or share things helps maximize your happiness. Surely, you will feel much better when you surround yourself with sincere loved ones. Of course, this is nothing new, only one study has shown that friendship reduces stress levels, so you live longer when you are happy in your friendship. This leads to saying that choosing your friends is important for your relationship to bring you happiness.