9 important things to know about men

To really understand men, the best tracks around here!

Do you have trouble understanding your Jules all the time? Men smile at all women, and they know how to hide their feelings, you sometimes wonder what’s on your mind. Still, if you knew what they really want, there would be less arguments in the relationship. If we really want to have the perfect love with our Jules, here are the important things to know about men.

1.Men don’t say “I love you” all the time

Men don’t easily let go of an “I love you”. We know that, but why? They have their way of showing us their feelings, unlike us, who love to say magic words to them all day long while hoping for a return. Know from now that men prefer to show us their feelings with symbolic gestures that do not really hold our attention such as tinkering, taking out the trash, offering flowers … Ladies, open your eyes before sending to the mouth of your Jules tons of complaints.

2 men don’t understand women’s innuendo

No need to get a message across with innuendos and coded languages ​​like changing voices, raising eyebrows or the like, because men can’t understand them. The best is to speak to them frankly and directly. This is only how they can know what we really mean.

3.Men are not afraid of commitment

Once we talk about marriage or baby, our Jules runs away from us like the plague, normal that we think that men are afraid to commit. In fact, unlike us women, men need time to project themselves into the future. However, when they’ve found the right fit, they don’t hesitate to take the plunge to allow the relationship to grow stronger and stronger.

4.Men wants to be respected

Men don’t like us to belittle them or disrespect them even for fun. They like us to respect them for who they are, despite their tons of flaws. You are totally messed up especially if you do that in front of her friends or her family. So from now on, change your behavior with Jules, if you’re used to doing that.

5.Men like to feel protective of women

Men want to be the one who protects us, even if we seem independent, and even if they know that they do not have the strength of Hercules. Their way of protecting is to encourage, comfort and help us in all our endeavors. However, they are not going to do anything to make us happy, but they will do anything to get us out of trouble.

6.Contrary to what women thought, men know how to listen

Yes, like all human beings, men have hearts, and they even cry in front of a film with rose water. What he expects of us is to be able to cry without worrying that we will take advantage of the situation and tell everyone about the fact that our man has shed a few tears. The mistakes many women make is telling their girlfriends everything.

7.Men like to receive compliments from women

Yes, men are more invested in the relationship and feel better once they get compliments from us. They really appreciate that we admire and value them. Ladies, this is the secret to conquering a handsome manly male.

8.Men like women to laugh at their jokes

Even if their jokes suck and don’t make people laugh, men like us to laugh at their jokes, and that we have humor, because for them, it’s a challenge, a challenge won. Once we let out a spontaneous laugh, they are both proud and happy. However, let’s avoid pretending too much because they’re smart enough to figure it out.

9.Men appreciate encouragement from us

Men will never say in front of their partner or their friends that they doubt. Sometimes they wake up in the middle of the night to stare at the ceiling and turn around. These are the times when they need to be encouraged the most. Forget about the criticisms like “You can’t be like my ex”, even if it’s said jokingly.