9 invaluable tips for a successful first date

You have a first date with a man you like. Just to drive him crazy (about you) and get a second one-on-one, here are some tips to put into practice.

I make decisions
I choose the meeting place in advance. That way, This man and I don’t walk around for hours looking for a bar: we already know where we’re going. As a bonus, it prevents me from answering “as you want” to each of his proposals. There, my eyes riveted on the drinks menu, I know what I want. I know about wine (I pretend), tomato juice, and other squeezed fruits. I am a determined girl.

I keep my sentimental past to myself.
I avoid telling him that I spent two years with an ex, a super nice guy who loved LOL cats. Nor do I add that Thomas left me for another and that my chest has not been touched for three months. If I am facing him this evening, it is to imagine a future. My past doesn’t have to slip into all of this. His neither moreover: I am not curious about his ex.

I ask him questions
If this man explains to me that he is passionate about angling, I am interested in his activity. Even if the fish and the rivers do not excite me, I show him that his daily life intrigues me and that I want to know more. He too will listen to me when I tell him that I practice relaxation therapy and collect stools. Be careful though, asking questions does not mean asking him about the size of his s**x, his gross salary, and his mother’s astrological sign.

I am relaxed
Because if I am relaxed, he will be too. And this is where the magic happens. Two people abandon themselves to each other when the atmosphere is pleasant and the stress non-existent. So if I laugh and smile, well in my pumps and in the moment, I put him at ease and he lets himself be charmed. If he lets himself be charmed, he always puts me at ease. And so do, do, do.

I know what’s going on in the world
Before a first date, I watch the news and take the temperature of the planet. It sounds silly, but during a first meeting, the news can be a big part of the conversation. First, it allows you to snub white people (and the weather, which generally thinks they snub white people). Then, it would be a shame to look silly when he announces the death of Johnny Bruel. However, I note that politics is a hot topic.

I’m polite 
not shouting that all guys are a**holes, that my mother is a bitch and the mayor of my city, a handsome wanker like no one else. Even though I love expressions like “Fuck shit” and “Shit up”, I keep them to myself or lighten them up first. Everything that comes out of my mouth should be kept to a minimum.

I remain myself
I try as much as possible to be natural. I have the right to have a very strong opinion on waste sorting, to laugh out loud when it’s worth it, and to drink two liters of beer if my liver is fit and my elbow is used to it. I dare. A priori, my survival instinct will help me not to exceed certain limits.

I flirt with subtle
I plunge my eyes into his and grab his wrist to check the time on his watch (I forgot mine). Soft, airy, slightly explicit gestures, and now I seduce him without overdoing it. It’s much more effective to touch the back of my neck exquisitely as if to say “I like you” than to unbutton three buttons on my blouse crudely with a pink telephone voice (even if I do it very well).

I’m in no hurry

Even though I’m shaved, scaled and already in love, I don’t run after the first kiss after an hour, my mouth stretched out and my panties impatient: the goal of the first date is to discover myself, to have a good time, to make it clear that anything is possible and to reserve this possible for later. The first kiss will be so good I can just let it take its time, right?