9 Obvious Signs He’s Taking You For Granted

When it comes to relationships, it’s hard to see when your partner is appreciating you, especially when we’re in love.

Find out how to avoid this.

Nobody deserves to be belittled.

You should have your efforts recognized in the same way that you show your gratitude to your partner.

But what if you really can’t tell if it’s being taken for granted?

Love has the irritating ability to blind us.

We’ve fallen in love with someone and it seems they can only do good.

No matter what they do, we won’t consider anything simply because we can’t fully see what’s wrong developing.

However, this can also make you feel unhappy without knowing why.

Well, the reason for your headache is probably because you are being taken for granted.

Your man just doesn’t really appreciate you.

If you’re not sure if your partner is treating you the way you deserve, here are some signs that can help you know if he really doesn’t like you.

1 . He Expects You To Do all The Sweet Things For Him

Basically, he doesn’t thank you for doing good things.

He just expects you to do these things.

Of course, both people in the relationship need to make an effort, but sweet gestures should never be expected.

These are things you do out of the goodness of your heart.

You want to make him happy and then make sure he is.

This is not expected.

It’s you working hard to make your relationship work.

And that needs to be appreciated.

If he doesn’t recognize these little things as amazing, wonderful, and kind gestures, he doesn’t appreciate you.

Even if it’s something as small as bringing him a cup of coffee, he should thank you endlessly and tell you how great you are for doing it.

If he’s not thanking you, then he’s taking these things – and you – for granted.

2 . He Gets Upset When You Don’t Do Good Things

This is based on your own expectations.

He thinks you should be doing things and then when you don’t, because you’re busy and maybe you’re not having a good day, he’s going to get mad.

The fact that he gets annoyed with you for not doing good things proves that he never appreciated them.

It’s not just sweet things you’ve done to adore him.

These were selfless acts that are not necessary.

If he doesn’t understand that, he doesn’t like you.

3 . He Doesn’t Do Good Things For You

This will be the most obvious of the signs.

Think about it.

Does your man treat you well and do nice things for you?


Well, then it’s pretty clear he doesn’t value you.

Why should you show him love and gratitude just so he never returns the favor?

And keep in mind that even if he does good things, when it’s just a once-in-a-lifetime death, it doesn’t count.

If he cares about you and wants to keep you in his life, he’ll be kinder.

4 . He Doesn’t Make Time For You

We all have busy lives.

Work, school, friends, and family can all get in the way of the time we spend with our loved ones.

However, if you’re pulling your teeth out to try to get your man to spend more time with you, that’s a big problem.

If he really valued and loved you, he would make time for you.

You wouldn’t have to ask, beg or complain.

He would like to spend more time with you because he enjoys being around you.

He wouldn’t want to lose you.

And that means he would have to make an effort to keep him in his life.

When he doesn’t make time for you, it’s because he doesn’t appreciate the time he spends with you.

5 . He Doesn’t Respect Your Time

However, when he wants to spend time with you, you should change your schedule to accommodate his.

Even if you have plans, you should change them so the two of you can hang out.

He doesn’t value you if he doesn’t respect your time.

He should know you have a life and things going on, but when he gets upset because you don’t change things to be with him, he refuses to do the same, he has no appreciation for you.

6 . He Always Has To Do What He Wants

He’s like a brat, basically.

If you don’t bow to his will and give him what he wants, he gets upset and acts like a child.

This is the biggest proof that he doesn’t like you.

If he liked it, he’d let you do whatever you want.

He would let you choose the movie.

He would let you decide where to eat.

When it’s his way or the road, there’s no appreciation for you.

7 . He Doesn’t Hear You

Yes, it might seem like he’s listening, but he might be ignoring everything you say.

This is extremely obvious when he has to ask you about the same thing over and over again.

It’s also evident when you’re talking about your day and he doesn’t give you any feedback or thanks.

By doing this, he is basically telling you that what you say is not important.

If he thought otherwise, he would actually pay attention to the things you’re saying.

8 . He Doesn’t Want Or Doesn’t Respect Your Opinion

Does he come to you with life questions to see what you have to say?

Does he ask your advice on something?

If not, he might not like you in his life.

When he doesn’t want to include you in the big decisions he makes, then he doesn’t want or respect your opinion.

He’s basically saying that your words don’t matter and he’ll make the decision without you.

This is very obvious if it involves major life changes, like your job, your home, or your family.

9 . He Makes No Sacrifice For You

Sacrifices are necessary for any relationship.

It’s a give and takes.

You need to be willing to give up some things to make the other person happy.

However, your man may not be doing this.

And that means he’s not worried about keeping her around.

He doesn’t appreciate you if you don’t sacrifice anything, especially if you do.

You are not always the person who gives up your time, or the remote control, or a certain food that you know they can’t stand the smell.

If you’re doing so much and he’s not doing anything, he’s just giving you value.

You don’t deserve someone who will mistreat you and not care if you’re in his life.

You deserve someone who will work hard every day to show you how much he cares and wants you to stick around.

Ditch the disgruntled guys to find the good ones.