9 reasons that prove your relationship is toxic

Easily spot a toxic relationship!

Being with someone we love should bring us happiness, not make us suffer. Of course, the arguments will always be present in the couple, but if they are repetitive, a solution must be found otherwise, it will only cause an imbalance and a permanent discomfort for the lovers. You don’t know it yet, but your relationship may be toxic, especially if you can’t seem to be happy. If the points mentioned below reflect your romantic life, it is better to break up.

1.You are fed up

Your boyfriend’s routine and temper tires you so much that you feel helpless. You are insecure, and you are broke because you are putting all of your energy into this relationship. It would surely be time to free yourself because you are slowly suffocating yourself.

2.He is egocentric

Whatever you do, everything always revolves around him. He’s egotistical, and he completely ignores what makes you want, and what excites you. In your discussions, he pretends to be paying attention, but in the end, he always brings everything back to him. As for arguments, you are always wrong and he is always right.

3.He doesn’t appreciate you

He’s not proud of you, it shows by the way he talks to you. Reproach, contempt, humiliation… you see all the colors. No matter what you do, nothing is ever good enough for Monsieur, because he keeps criticizing. Convinced by his words, you tell yourself that you are good for nothing, and you lose all self-confidence.

4.Your love is not reciprocal

You have plenty of good ideas for your couple: going on a romantic vacation, surprise dinner in the restaurant of their choice… only good initiatives, but unfortunately, one way. While you’re racking your brains to strengthen your love, he spends his time hanging out, and he’ll never do the same things for you. There is no reciprocity in your relationship, and it is very toxic. Talk about it if not, leave while there is still time.

5.He occupies all your thoughts

Despite all the reasons for breaking up, you are still with him. Your conscience tells you to go, but you can’t because your dependence on him has taken over. It’s stronger than you and even if he does more harm to you than good, you’re still here. To avoid living in this hell any longer, learn to be confident in yourself, and don’t let this addiction hurt you.

6.You are not comfortable with him

For no apparent reason, you are uncomfortable and always stressed out when you are around him. You feel a sense of fear when he talks to you about something that could hurt you. The worst part is that it always ends up happening, and his words as well as his actions only break you emotionally.

7.You don’t trust him

For a strong relationship, you need trust. If you don’t trust your boyfriend, everything will go wrong. You have a constant fear of being cheated and betrayed. Anxiety is part of your daily life, and it harms your relationship, because you cannot trust him.

8.you are not yourself

You will not be able to be yourself when you are with him. To please him, you do a lot of things that he likes, but which doesn’t suit you at all. However, to find serenity in a relationship, you have to be yourself. If he doesn’t love you for who you are and if you aren’t free to do what you want then you will never find a happy married life.

9.He hurts you

You have a lot of questions about your emotional future, and you spend most of your time thinking about them. Crying and bashing make up 90% of your married life, the remaining 10% is the semblance of happiness you experience. Sadness reigns in your cocoon of love, so what’s the point of sticking to a story that hits the wall.