9 reasons why a man with female friends makes better decisions

The smartest thing a guy can do is have a best friend. A man with female friends can better understand the value of friendship and love. Thanks to the sensitivity of a best friend who loves like a sister, she will have the best company.

Many times a man is just looking for a friend and when he finds her she will do everything to protect her. A man who values ​​a woman’s friendship knows how valuable her company is for different reasons. She knows your dreams and wishes and will always support you.

1.- A man with female friends has the best counselors

Having a best friend as a man is the best thing that can happen to you. Because women are experts in giving good advice, especially in love. A man may believe he is in love with his best friend, but she will make him see what really happens.


Your best friend knows your dreams and desires, and will always support you to keep you on the right track. Because of his great love for his best friend, he will make sure that you are happy and succeed. He won’t let you settle for anything.

2.- A man with friends learns to better express his emotions and feelings

When a man with many friends spends time with them, he witnesses their innumerable emotions and feelings. They are adept at expressing their feelings, so your friend will follow suit.

Bad moods, nerves, anger and other emotions can be part of any day. Suppressing emotions is bad for mental and physical health.

– Expressing your emotions allows you to free yourself of that energy
– Facilitates the prevention and resolution of conflicts
– By recognizing your emotions you become aware of distortions
– You can connect with your needs more easily
– By letting your emotions surface you understand it better
– Thanks to the fact that You express yourself, you can receive understanding and support from others
– By expressing your emotions and feelings you release tension

3.- A man with a best friend can ask anything about girls

When you cultivate a good friendship with a girl, there will be confidence to deal with any subject. Therefore, a man with female friends may ask anything about girls that he does not understand. She, as your good friend, will take you out of your doubts with total honesty.

For men there are several women’s issues that seem to be a mystery. For example, when girls go to the bathroom, why do they always do it in pairs? Why are they so jealous and envious of each other? Why do they seem to cry for no reason?

4.- A man with a woman’s best friend will always have his number one counselor available

You have many acquaintances, even a girlfriend, but the one who knows you best is your best friend. Therefore, the best friend a man can have is the one who is there supporting him and offering honest advice.

You always tell your best friend so many things and there are so many others that there is no one who knows you better. She is very familiar with your tastes, wishes and dreams. Also know your habits, defects and virtues.

For all these reasons, a man with female friends will always have good advice without delay. She will always want the absolute best for you. Your best friend is your best personalized advisor.

5.- When it comes to shopping, your best friend will be an excellent guide

To go shopping with a woman you have to be very patient. They are very detailed and like to see a lot before deciding on something. A man and his best friend out shopping make a good team.

You may be thinking of going shopping for something for a member of your family or your girlfriend and you have no idea. Your best friend will be the first volunteer to help you. A man with female friends has the best advice when it comes to shopping.

6.- For really special purchases, a man with his best female friend does it

A man without friends is going to have a lot of difficulties in his life, from getting a girlfriend to those little tips. The good thing is that the women among them are very communicative, they like to get together to talk a lot.

The good thing about friends who know lots of other friends is that they can ask for advice when they don’t know. For example, when a man wants to buy something really special, his best friend will be a great help.

7.- A best friend is like having a sister and confidant, two in one

Especially a man in love who does not know how to conquer the girl he loves, his best friend will be there, helping. No one like a friend as a confidant, counselor, and emotional support.

A man and his best friend have an unconditional love like that of brothers that can do everything. They will support each other in the good times, in the bad times, and especially in love. Without a doubt, a man with female friends has many reasons to be happy.

For example, when a man falls in love with a girl that nobody knows, it can get complicated. But for a woman it is very simple to make friends, get to know her and learn more about her, just through her best friend.

8.- If you are single for a party or engagement, your best option is your friend

There are always commitments where we must go as a couple and if a man is without a girlfriend he will go through difficulties. Especially those commitments where the girl you like is going to need someone you trust as a company.

Your best friend will be more than happy to accompany you to those formal commitments, you have already done the same with her. Doesn’t that seem like a powerful reason to have a female best friend?

9.- Your best friend loves you just the way you are, it is a powerful reason to thank

A friend really values ​​you by respecting your way of being, she does not try to change you into someone you are not. You are her best friend and she knows you better than anyone. He appreciates you just the way you are and is grateful to have you as a friend.

A man with female friends may have a best friend as his confidant. You know that he values ​​you when you tell him your secrets and he does not betray you. You feel comfortable and relaxed with it. In addition, his company is very stimulating and enriching.

You know that your friend values ​​you as you are because she has shown you over time to be loyal to friendship. Between the two of them they have built a strong relationship to the test of adverse circumstances.