9 reasons why your boyfriend ignores you

“Why is my boyfriend ignoring me?” It is one of the questions you ask yourself when you feel that your boyfriend does not pay you the same attention as before. Especially if hours or days go by and he maintains that attitude.

There could be literally hundreds of reasons why your boyfriend ignores you. In this article, we explain the main reasons that can explain their attitude.

Why is my boyfriend ignoring me?

Does your boyfriend take longer to respond when you text him? Do you call him over and over and he doesn’t answer the phone?

If it’s only been a few hours, it’s probably not something to worry about; could be busy. However, if more than a day has passed and your boyfriend continues to act like you don’t exist, then you have reason to be concerned.

Assuming there was no emergency, that attitude shows that your boyfriend is deliberately ignoring you. Especially if you are still active on your social networks. Why? Here is a list of the most likely reasons:

1. He’s upset with you and doesn’t know how to handle it

Sometimes when we are very angry we do not know how to express ourselves calmly. Your boyfriend might be upset for some reason and decides to ignore you because he can’t find the best way to say his feelings without attacking you.

If he ignores you right after a fight, maybe this is the reason. You may not have left the fight behind and you don’t want to get into all that negativity again.

He may be mad at you for no good reason, and he doesn’t make it clear to you either. If this is the case, my advice is to forget about someone like that and ignore them again until they want to talk to you again.

2. Talking to you overwhelms him.

Is it always that you talk to him or her just to complain or see the negative side of all the situations that happen to you? This is more common than it sounds. Before ensuring that you are not negative, really think about what you talk to him to analyze your attitude, check the chat if necessary.

Even if he is your boyfriend and wants to support you, it is exhausting to talk to someone like that. If you are very negative, consider changing this mindset, for him, for you, and for your relationship.

3. You always want something from him

Do you often ask your boyfriend for favors? Perhaps you are asking too much of your boyfriend without realizing it. He might ignore you simply because he doesn’t want to keep feeling like he has to solve everything in your life.

Some guys love doing favors for their partners, but they also have lives of their own. Others just hate solving other people’s problems. The relationship is to share, so evaluate how much you constantly demand of him.

4. You feel suffocated and need your space

Even though it may not seem like a good enough reason, it may be that is why they ignore you. She could feel this way for many reasons, perhaps reasons that do not include you, even if you are the most affected by her behavior change.

Introverts tend to ignore so as not to hurt the feelings of the people they love. Give him his space. When he’s calm, he will look for you himself.

5. Is considering breaking up with you

Some men are cowards to end the relationship. They prefer to disappear or ignore you until you get tired of looking for them, rather than having a conversation with you that is uncomfortable and painful.

Maybe he’s considering breaking up, but he’s still not able to face you. They are likely to wait for you to make the decision.

Think about whether he has refused to discuss uncomfortable topics before. If she really ignores you because she’s afraid to face you, then maybe you’re better off single. It is not worth insisting on such a relationship.

6. You have personal concerns

Your boyfriend’s life doesn’t revolve around you, and it shouldn’t. (If your world revolves around him, check that relationship well). It is possible that he is VERY worried about some personal or work problem and simply does not realize that he has not written to you.

It is no excuse to ignore you, but at least it is a reason. Consider this possibility, especially if you tend to be very picky about your boyfriend’s time.

7. is cheating on you

Even if your boyfriend ignores you, there is no need to become paranoid and jump to conclusions about infidelity.

Before convincing you that he is unfaithful, evaluate his behavior and if he has suspicious attitudes. If he has been ignoring you a lot and hanging out without telling you or telling you who he’s hanging out with, then you should consider this possibility.

8. Doesn’t like phone calls

If your boyfriend doesn’t take your calls, he may not like to answer the phone. If so, you should not take it as a personal attack, as it is an attitude that applies to everyone.

It is hard to believe that there are people who do not spend 24 hours a day with the phone in hand, but perhaps your boyfriend is part of that minority and that is why he does not answer you. But if this is a recent attitude change, maybe you should talk to him and find out why he changed.

Try texting him or looking for him in person. This way you will see if calls are the problem.

9. He’s tired of people

Some guys are very introverted and regularly “tune out” from their social life. In other words, he may ignore you on purpose, but only because he ignores the rest of the world as well.

It may sound unfair to you, but it is a fact that some people need more silence than others.

What to do if your boyfriend ignores you because he doesn’t want to talk to anyone? Nothing. Just wait and let him have room, but next time let him know that a relationship like this is not for you.