9 signs he’s crazy about you

The proof that his heart beats only for you!

He hasn’t uttered the magic words “I love you” yet, and you wonder if he really loves you? Be aware that men are not very good at showing their feelings. However, it only takes a little flair to tell that he is really nuts about you. To help you, here is the infallible proof that he is very, very in love with you!

1.He really cares about your life

A man in love listens to you and asks you questions about your work, your family, your friends … But he doesn’t stop there, a guy crazy about you also gives you advice, he’s the person you can count on no matter what is going on in your life. However, the subjects 100% “girls”, do not speak to him, because it does not interest, but that does not mean that he likes you less, you have your girlfriends to discuss tampon or other.

2. he’s gaga

A man who is very much in love tends to be a little bit gaga and a little silly. He is the one who smiles and laughs stupidly for no reason, who takes a very soft voice when he speaks to you and who is slack. When he wakes up, he greets you with a big smile on his face, and when he comes home from work, he walks through the door with a smile when he sees you. If you are with this kind of person right now, don’t let go because he is madly in love with you.

3.He calls you all day long

Women like to call their darling every second, unlike men, who are not really into long phone conversations. But if your Jules calls you every 10 minutes, just to hear from you, to hear your pretty voice… don’t doubt it anymore, he’s very much in love. The loving man also answers all your texts.

4.He introduces you to his mother

Of course, he has not yet made a beautiful declaration of love to you that proves his feelings, but the man in love does better by introducing you to his mother. She is the most important woman in his life, the one who knows everything about him and the one who helps him with all his decisions. In short, she is the first woman of his life, and if he introduced her to you, it is a sign that he is madly in love with you.

5.He introduces you to his group of friends

A man in love does not hide you from his friends because you are his pride. He introduces you to each of his buddies so that you can fully integrate his life, and he is delighted that you get along with them. He is the one who does not hesitate to bring you to the evenings with friends, because he likes to be seen in your company. If you have such a person by your side, know that he really loves you.

6.He helps you with household chores

Unless you run into a real maniac, very few men enjoy cleaning, they hate it. The only reason a man can indulge in household chores is love. He’s the one who doesn’t hesitate to roll up his sleeves to help you. If the kitchen is clean, as is the bathroom, and the laundry is already done, it is in order to please you and to make you happy. It is 100% sure that he is very much in love.

7.He gives you gifts

Men are not really intentional, they often forget birthdays and even Valentine’s Day. But a loving man never misses an opportunity to give you a gift. He does this even if there are no events to celebrate. He always finds nice things to offer you, the bag you have dreamed of having … It is infallible proof that he is crazy about you!

8 he loves to cuddle with you 

Even if you’ve been dating for months, if not years, the man in love loves to cuddle and hug you in public. This is a sign that you mean a lot in his life. So, don’t be afraid if the place for the hugs is not well chosen, because it is the proof of love that you wait so much for. Moreover, you know very well that men find it difficult to declare their love with fine words.

9.He constantly asks for your opinion

Even for the purchase of underpants, a gift for his great aunt… he asks for your opinion. He is the man who needs your help in all of his decisions, even the smallest. But above all, it is a sign that he trusts you and your judgment. So the next time he asks for your opinion, don’t sigh anymore, because it is proof of his love for you.