9 signs that say you’re falling in love

Are you really in love with Jules?

Although you go to great lengths to hide your feelings, the obvious signs don’t deceive: an authentic smile, sparkling eyes, butterflies in your stomach … Besides, your loved ones have noticed that you are different than usual. . You are happier and in a good mood all the time since Jules came into your life. Is it a simple desire or a real love? To know that you are falling in love with your sweetheart, you will surely recognize yourself in one or more of these situations.

1.You always have your head elsewhere

There’s not a moment that you don’t think of Jules. In everything you do, he occupies your mind all the time: brushing your teeth, having dinner, working, in the subway… you only think of him. Suddenly, you only have one thing in mind: to spend more time by his side so much, he makes you happy … very happy even. No matter what its flaws, you find them too cute.

2.You have trouble saying “NO” to him

Even if you don’t like to eat olives, even if you hate watching soccer games, even if you don’t want to play sports… you do it for him, and that, of course. You have a hard time saying “NO” to him because your heart beats only for him. So, you are ready to go beyond your limits since you are so in love!

3.You spend more time in front of the mirror

For some time now, you have been enjoying your makeup. But, it’s not just the face, you also start to worry about everything that touches your person: from hairdressing to manicure, clothing and diet. Your relatives have noticed: you have been more flirtatious since the day you met Jules. Madam, there is no doubt, it is a clear sign that you really love your man.


4.You enjoy talking about him

Just to pronounce his first name, you rejoice. Also, you take pleasure in talking about him all the time: to your girlfriends, to your mother, to your work colleagues … That’s not all, the “I’s” have become “us”, even if you are not. not yet passed to the stage of “I love you”. Regardless, you can’t wait to present it to your loved ones.


5.You have lost your appetite

When a woman is in love, she often loses her appetite. If you no longer feel hunger and if you forgot the cravings in the middle of the day, certainly your head is in the clouds. And at nights, he occupies your mind, and his face helps you find Morpheus’ arms. You are constantly thinking about the chosen one of your heart: the clothes you are going to put on for your next meeting… So many signs that never lie!


6.You completely forgot about your ex

“It’s not Marc there! “-” Marc, who? As if the memories of your ex Marc have been completely erased. Yet a few weeks ago you were still obsessed with your old boyfriend. Like with the wave of a magic wand, it came out of your mind. One thing is certain: Cupid’s arrows have hit you, he miraculously healed you of your heart injury for this guy who is not worth it!


7.You always have a smile on your face

You are smiling all the time. Even if you’re all alone behind the wheel of your car, in the restaurant waiting for your order… you always have a smile on your face. You let scroll through your mind the joys, the laughter, and the kisses that spiced up your moments together. You are even happier when you see him approaching you or when you receive a message from him, even a simple: “Hello! ”

8.You see your girlfriends less and less

It’s not that you have forgotten your girlfriends that you see them less and less, only, you like spending time with your boyfriend instead of chatting with them. And to think that you’ve always blamed your friends for letting you down for their boyfriends when you do the same now. That’s love!


9.Your heart is racing

Your heart beats only for him. Just by her presence, your new sweetheart can speed up or slow down the beating of your fragile heart. As if you are losing all control, he pits wild when you are about to see him, when you are by his side, or when you get a call from him. If this continues, you’re going to die of heart failure, you tell yourself, but don’t panic, you won’t get that far.