9 signs that you are dating a psychopath who spoils your life

Did you know that psychopathy was one of the most difficult disorders to detect? Indeed, a psychopath can seem normal or quite charming. Nevertheless, behind this aspect of the most pleasant, hides, in fact, experienced manipulators devoid of conscience and empathy. Toxic, these people can be violent, dangerous and risk destroying the life of their partner because of the harmfulness of their behavior. So, to help you see more clearly, discover in this article 12 signs that show that you share the life of a psychopath.

The psychopaths have always been the object of fascination and popular anxiety. The psychology experts describe these people as having no regard for good and bad. They have little empathy, anti-social behavior, lack of inhibitions, and can easily break the law and the rights of others.

The anatomy of the brain, genetics, education or the environment of an individual can contribute to the development of psychopathic traits. Also, although these symptoms are not obvious to detect, there are some glaring signs that should put you in the ear.

12 signs that show you are dating a psychopath

1) He changes the mood for no reason

Extremely whimsical, psychopaths have a changing mood for no apparent reason. Also, these kinds of people can change their personality and have the ability to adapt to their interlocutors to better handle them.

2) He spends his time manipulating you

Psychopaths are known to be experts in manipulation. When you argue, they know how to use your own arguments to turn them against you. Then you feel completely lost, clueless and no longer sure of anything.

3) He never listens to you

When you try to communicate with him or confide in him, you realize that he pretends to listen to you but is not interested in what you say. In fact, nothing is more important to psychopaths than their little person and anything that can touch you is of absolutely no importance to them.

4) He does not stop lying to you

Psychopaths have the reputation of being unparalleled liars. They have a visceral need to lie and hide the truth; it is a way for them to have a hold and power over you. From the identity of their friends to an extramarital adventure, lying gives them some comfort and a sense of control.

5) He does everything in his power to isolate you

If you feel like stepping on eggs with him and you feel compelled to keep him constantly accountable. If you dread his reaction when you want to go out to see your family or friends. If he wants to know the details of your schedule and you realize that his behavior ends up isolating you. You should seriously consider remedying the situation.

6) He shows no ounce of empathy

Psychopaths do not know how to empathize, including the person who shares their life. Indeed, they have difficulty forming emotional bonds and show a disconcerting indifference to the misfortunes and suffering of others.

7) He constantly tries to pretend to be a victim 

Although they are sorely lacking in empathy, psychopaths constantly seek to position themselves as victims so that you are sorry for them. They will tell you about their painful experiences and their problems so that they will stir up your compassion to better handle you later. This allows them to play on the chord that prevents you from leaving them despite their behavior towards you.

8) He never does anything for you without waiting for something in return

When psychopaths do something nice for you, they are always waiting to receive something in return. No attention really comes from their heart, and all they do is for the sole purpose of getting something from you. So, if you do not do anything to thank them, then they feel hurt and angry and give themselves the right to hurt you for revenge.

9) He needs to be the center of attention

Psychopaths are usually funny, attractive and have a relaxed attitude. Their natural charisma encourages people to take an interest in themselves and to fall in love with their personality. Nevertheless, when you get to know them, you realize that all this is only the result of their excessive arrogance. Indeed, being constantly in the spotlight allows them to feed their ego and eventually gain the upper hand over others.