9 signs that you’ve found the perfect woman

You are happy, but you still have questions about your darling, is it made for me? Am I up to the challenge? Do not panic ! This article should reassure you. Here are the 9 signs that prove you found the perfect woman!

9 signs that you’ve found the perfect woman

1 / She forgives you everything

You just made a big mistake and it doesn’t say anything. It forgives you for your past mistakes, or even the last night when you got home at 4 am after an evening that was too much watered. She is there waiting for you patiently because she loves you and worries about you (or she goes out on her side with her friends: D). No doubt you have the perfect woman

2 / She always talks about you

At work, she only talks about you, whether to her colleagues or to the chef of the self, to extol your merits. Same when she is out with her friends, there is always the little remark about you.

3 / She thinks only of you

You occupy his thoughts at any time of the day. It is as if you had bewitched her. Barely out of the house, and she’s already thinking about you. One thing is certain: she loves you.

5 / In your eyes she is irreplaceable

You do not envisage your life without it, because in your eyes it is irreplaceable? Your darling is also your mistress, your best friend, your confidant, your all

6 / She will always tell you everything…. Even your biggest faults

And yes, gentlemen, that’s also love: accepting the faults of the other. Your sweetheart is not the type to mince words when something annoys her? The perfect woman will always tell you even your biggest faults, without ever hurting you. “I love you”

7 / Before her you are like a child

Before her, you are like a child. The look timid and lost fear. It impresses your pampering!

8 / She is jealous

Your darling is jealous… But jealous as it should be  She’s not a sickly jealous. She is worried about you, she is also afraid of not being up to par. A jealous woman is a woman who loves with all her heart <3. So gentlemen reassure her


She is independent

Even if she loves you with all her heart and that she thinks of you all the time, she also knows how to take time for her! She is not in emotional dependence.

After reading this article I’m sure you found the perfect woman