9 struggles that come at the start of a relationship

The first moments of a love story are often awkward. We do not know on which foot to dance, we dare not say what we feel … In short, there are quite a few more or less embarrassing galleys. Here are 9 that we have all experienced at least once.

1 – We ask ourselves questions

Is our story going to work? Is he okay with me? Will my friends like it? These are all questions that cross our mind at the start of a relationship. It’s a hassle because we don’t know what we’re getting into …

2 – Presentation to friends  

Introducing your new guy to your girlfriends is always a bit special. We’re afraid that they won’t like it and that they won’t get along. The opinion of our friends is so important that their opinion would call everything into question.

3 – Accept your past in love

This is one of the biggest challenges you encounter at the start of a relationship. We can say to ourselves that at 30, he inevitably had girlfriends before us, we still find it difficult to accept the idea that others could have counted …

4 – stay yourself

At the start of a relationship, you want to show yourself in your best light. We do everything to meet our expectations, even if it is absolutely not us. It’s not good, we know, but it’s hard to be yourself when you don’t know the person.

5 – be vulnerable

When we are under the spell of a man, we are on a cloud, we feel very fragile. It’s a problem because we risk showing our emotions too quickly …

6 – Want to stay on top

Metro, work, sleep… We all have constraints on a daily basis and we are all tired. Wanting to try to hide it in order to be the one who is always on top no matter what, gives a false image of us.

7 – Spend your money

At the start of a new romance, we spend our money at the beautician to always be shaved, we buy new clothes so that he never sees us with the same outfit … In short, all our salary going there! 

8 – be embarrassed to go to the little corner

By dint of holding back, we have stomach cramps, we don’t feel well, we become grumpy. But we make a psychological block: as long as we know it in the area, we cannot go to the bathroom. 

9 – morning breath

The dry and pasty mouth, we have a breath to peel the wallpaper in the morning. Him too, by the way! So, in order not to spoil the magic, we turn around on the other side of the bed to talk to him or we communicate with nods. Don’t panic, he will quickly understand!