9 things about falling in love with your best friend that no one can tell you

I’m in love with my best friend, what do I do? Many times it happens. Suddenly you look at it and feel something electric. Falling in love with your best friend can be bad or good, it just depends on you. Suddenly you realize that everything is going to change in a big way.

I am in love with my best friend who has a girlfriend. Yes, it can happen, just make sure you are loving yourself enough. It is not going to be that it is only dependency, believing that your best friend makes you happy. You can ruin your best friendship.

1.- Your best friend knows you better than anyone, at all times he will know what is happening

Having a best friend means earning a lot. He is the one who protects you, he is the one you trust the most and knows everything about you. That is, he will know exactly what you are thinking, at all times. Falling in love with my best friend can be an advantage and in other cases a disadvantage.


As best friends, they have already practiced communication well. You look at it and by how it is you know what it means. Therefore, you no longer have to analyze things so much or play a guessing game.

2.- Falling in love with your best friend means more fun intimate relationships


Falling in love with my best friend with whom I have no secrets and who knows about all my adventures can be magical. As good friends we have told each other all our s**xual adventures and now we look at each other with crazy passion.

Conquering the best friend may not be easy, you put your friendship at stake, but you feel comfortable to laugh. Yes, because the trust that you have with your best friend allows you to feel wild to take the initiative. Now, finally, L0ve making will be how you want it.

3.- Now they will be able to do everything they have dreamed of as friends and they will lack time

When a couple already has confidence, what they lack is time. My best friend can fall in love with me and when that happens and you accept, many doors are already open. They both already know what each other likes and they just need the space and time.

How to make your best friend fall in love if I already have a lot of trust with him? Now you can everything you always did as friends and a little more as lovers. Of course they will do better, they will enjoy it better and they will be happier with each other.

Sometimes they will want to spend the whole day together, but it is best not to forget about all the other priorities. Sometimes it happens, in love with my best friend with a girlfriend, not everything is easy. Falling in love with your best friend can be the most exciting experience.

4.- Now is when they will have more opportunity to laugh at each other


How to make your best friend fall in love if he likes another girl? Being more fun, because you already have the advantage of knowing it and having it in your hands. Just take advantage of the trust that already exists between you to create more exciting moments.

Falling in love with your best friend means being more of a woman in everything that you have been doing for a long time. For example, make fun of his obsession with video games or laugh at his love for that movie star.

Of course you know that he will make fun of those girlish shoes that you wear with your pajamas. How to make my best friend fall in love without him realizing it? Stay with him longer and no longer hit him on the arm, but kiss him on the forehead.

5.- In love with my best friend what to do: You will have to deal with a lot of anguish

Even if your best friend is the person with whom you know best, in love not everything will be easy. Falling in love with your best friend can be a very big risk. You could lose the most important person in your life. It is not easy to build a good friendship.

I am in love with my best friend, what song do I dedicate to him so that he thinks of me? Remember all your fantastic moments in the past, sometimes certain music brings you back to that memory. Going back to those emotions makes you feel the value and love that you feel as friends.

Between two best friends there are fewer reasons for disagreements and fights than between boyfriends. As friends, jealousy is not so dominant. As grooms they will feel the anguish, whether it works or not. Don’t improve control, improve your self-esteem.

6.- In love with your best friend the plans will be much easier

How to make my best friend fall in love with me? Making more plans where emotions overflow. Because there is nothing like emotions to leave a mark on a person. That physical contacts and a lot of non-verbal language to express what they feel.

Planning with your best friend is something you have been doing for a while. Therefore, when you fall in love with your best friend, the first dates will be to do with love what they already did before. For example, do you want pizza at our favorite place?

The accounts of the exits will also be as you have already established as best friends. In other words, falling in love with a best friend means many advantages when it comes to making plans.

7.- In love with your best friend, the fights will come sooner


Simply because they already have the habit of telling each other what they feel. You are not afraid to tell your best friend if something is bothering you or you like it. You even tell him when you like a guy and what you would do with him. Now as lovers that custom will continue.

If you are angry about something you will not be able to hide it. He knows you, it doesn’t matter if you don’t say it, how you are feeling about your behavior. Also, your best friend already knows in advance what you like and what bothers you.

I’m in love with my best friend but I have a boyfriend, what do I do? You will have to redefine what is love and what is friendship. You should also think of a friend with rights and all the risks. It is not simple to fall in love with your best friend.

8.- How to make my best friend fall in love? Making you more beautiful and flirtatious for him

With your best friend, you are not careful about the way you look. You do not care to be without makeup, sweaty or disheveled. Now that you are in love with him, you will think more about the way you look. Now you will feel more motivated to be flirty and attractive in front of him.

I am in love with my best friend who has a girlfriend. Maybe you have more time to get to know him and you know what he is really passionate about. You won’t mind inviting him to your house like always. But this time, you’ll have fun dressing up attractive for him.

When your best friend stops to be your new love, there is one more step of trust. A new level of attraction, sensuality and intimate enjoyment with greater freedom.

9.- My best friend can fall in love with me and you will realize that it is worth it

Falling in love with your best friend can be the best experience of your life. But everything will be based on the quality of your self-esteem. If you just hope that he makes you happy, it will probably end very badly.

Don’t look to your best friend for happiness just because you think he or she understands you best. Build your self-esteem with their help. Remember that a best friend is the strongest emotional bond a woman can achieve.

Your best friend and now your best crush always cares about you. Nobody like him to support you, laugh with you and show you his love. You are free to make crazy plans with him. It is your life and although not everything is easy, always decide to gain experiences or wisdom.