9 things that make us love guys with love handles

Does your man have love handles? Instead of forcing him to go to the gym, accept him as he is. Here are 10 good reasons to do so.

1 – Because it makes us feel guilty

At least, with him, no need to die playing sports! He can not blame us for our few extra pounds since he has love handles!

2 – Because he is a good living

Yes, a greedy man loves life. He cooks up delicious meals for us and takes us to great restaurants. The top!

3 – Because he is funny

Yes, as he does not bet everything on his physique, he makes up for it with a humor worthy of the name. He makes you laugh all day long.

4 – Because he can make us belly dance

Thanks to his pretty little plump bottle, your man can give you a show worthy of the name!

5 – Because he is a comfortable pillow

What could be nicer than lying on your man’s stomach, very soft and comfy.

6 – Because he does not care about the diktats of thinness

Here is a man who has character and who totally does not care about the diktats of thinness. The fact of being muscular goes over his head, he feels good about himself and that is priceless!

7 – Because he protects us

He is more imposing with love handles and he can protect us. So cool!

8 – Because we can eat whatever we want in front of him

No need to force yourself to have a salad in front of him to be like. The good fatty burger is yours!

9 – Because he calms us

His presence is soothing. When you are stressed, it is your best medicine.