9 things to run away from when you start a relationship

At the beginning of a relationship, there are attitudes that are really prohibitive. So much so that they scare us away. Especially those. 

1 – questionable hygiene 

The guy who invites us to his place and who hasn’t taken the time to put away his personal belongings: dirty underwear lying around, a box of Smecta, a roll of toilet paper in the middle of the living room … It makes you want it all! 

2 – The stinginess 

The guy who hands his 10 euro bill proudly saying “I have just what it takes to pay for my pizza!” Is not classy at all. 

3 – Egocentrism 

During the date, he just talks about himself. At no time does he ask us questions to find out more about us. 

4 – Indifference 

When it’s always up to us to take the first step to offer tips and in addition, it takes three times to respond, it’s really a lack of respect! 

5 – laziness 

A nonchalant man, who never wants to do anything and who remains slumped on his sofa, it is crippling! 

6 – Lack of humor 

When you try to tease him and he catches the fly right away, it’s tiring. A little humor, what the hell! 

7 – Bad s**x

Yep, if it doesn’t stick at that level, it’s going to be difficult to envision a long-term relationship … 

8 – Talking about exes 

The guy who tells us that his ex dumped him like an old sock and that he’s having a hard time going up the hill. What are we, a vulgar bandage? 

9 – he’s too talkative 

A man who is conversational is good. But if it’s a word mill that doesn’t let us place one, we like less …