9 things you do in public that your boyfriend secretly loves

Jules loves it when you do these things in public!

You’ve been dating Jules for a long time, certainly, he knows you like the back of his hand. But that doesn’t prevent you from always criticizing him for not paying more attention. He may in public pretend to ignore you and even be annoyed by some of your actions, but the truth is, he secretly adores some of your even the most trivial tics, proof by 9.

1.Your way you look him straight in the eye

You two are invited to a party, he chatting across the room with other people and you do the same. So you spend your time looking for him, until the moment your eyes meet and you let him know by looking at him that you want him. Know that it melts every time you have your mischievous eyes. You will find that quickly he will find excuses for you to leave.

2.Your way you snuggle up to him

Your guy really appreciates your feeling against him in public, because he feels strong and manly, and he wants to prove to you that he can protect you against all odds. Also, he loves the idea of ​​showing everyone that you are his chick. Sure, men love to be complimented, but they also love to feel useful!

3.Your way of kicking him under the table

You have dinner with friends, your eyes meet his, you bite your lip innocently, and you begin to stroke his foot with yours. He won’t be able to say a word, he smiles and blushes as he searches for a way to be alone with you. If he could, he would have made love to you on the table by now, because he loves the idea that you can be caught in the act.

4.Your way you get something out of your bra

When you have something stuck between your breasts, Jules is crazy to see you pull it out. However, these are small things like a piece of paper, a bill, or the like, but not a big burger, he might have questions. Be careful too, because he may think that your bra is not at all adapted to your chest size.

5.Your way to put on lipstick

When you pull out your lipstick to bring color to your plump mouth, it melts when you see your mouth open. He will crack even more if you use a passionate red lipstick because this color drives him crazy with desire. You will see that he will not wait long to kiss you.

6.Your way to slide the strap off your bra

To look attractive, you don’t have to put on your black dress combo and your pair of pumps, because a simple tank top that shows the straps of your bra is enough, especially when one of the straps falls and you pull it up without any ulterior motives. You don’t like your slim faded and tousled hair, know that that too has the gift of melting your man.

7.Your way of lifting your hair

When it gets too hot, your hair doesn’t help you feel comfortable. So when you pull them up in a ponytail, you give your guy ideas, because he loves to see your delicate and graceful neck. He won’t wait long to get close to your neck and kiss it gently. If you want to drive him crazy, put a drop or two of perfume behind your ears. FYI, he will never say that your neck attracts him more than your chest.

8.Your way of dancing

You and the dance, is it a complicated story? Know that even if you can’t copy Beyoncé’s swaying hips or duck dancing, your man will still find you attractive when you let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of good music. If you’re in a club, he won’t take his eyes off you because he thinks you dance really well.

9.Your way of stretching

For men, a woman who stretches is always attractive. When you arch your backdrop slightly while raising your arms to the sky, it’s just wonderful for Jules. Your graceful and nonchalant way of deploying yourself gives you a feline look. Also, we all know how superattractive Catwoman is!