9 tips for a perfect start to a relationship

You have just met someone and you have the feeling that this relationship can last, you also want it to last. But like any story that begins, we can not be sure of anything, we sail with our eyes closed. Do you feel feverish and worried about not doing things right and therefore ruining your chances with this person who attracts you so much? What do you really want to get to know? Here are 9 tips for a perfect start to a relationship.

9 tips for a perfect start to a relationship

1- Take your time

Taking your time is imperative, you have to get to know each other gently. Do not go too fast in your questions but show him that you are interested in him (her).

The words used count as much as the manner of speaking. Being in listening to each other is important but be careful because too kindly to one can also forget oneself which can cause an imbalance from the start of the relationship. Try to dose the dialogues, listen to it, but don’t hesitate to talk about yourself too.

2- Put others in confidence

The trust will move slowly through the moments spent together, the messages exchanged, and therefore as and as you go you discover the one and the other. It is with this confidence that you will gradually come to create intimacy between you. But be patient, it will not be done in a few appointments so give yourself time and he (she) too.

3- Find the right distance

Here is one of the most important tips for a perfect start to a relationship! As stated, finding balance at the start of a relationship is essential. A romantic relationship is based on a good balance. Don’t send him ten messages a day, don’t call too much either, and don’t ask yourself a thousand questions if he or she doesn’t answer you right away. You can create a little habit like a good morning message in the morning, but don’t overdo it. Let your story settle in slowly or he (she) will have the feeling of being suffocated from the start.

4- Really discovering yourself

Wait to talk about love, feelings or even more intimacy. There are a lot of topics to discuss before such as your desires, your passions, your wishes, your dreams in short what you are, and what he (she) is too. You just have to get to know yourself.

If differences appear do not worry, on the contrary, they can even ultimately bring you closer provided of course to be respectful of the ideas of the other and especially not to judge them.

You probably already know it, but above all, don’t forget it: for a relationship to be healthy, you have to know how to communicate.

5- Do not skip the stages: presentations to loved ones 

You appreciate it more and more, you feel that you are on the same wavelength and you, therefore, feel the urge to shout your happiness to everyone and especially to your loved ones, therefore to present it (it) . It is not a bad idea but take it easy, the first times it is better to meet face to face to learn more about the other. Of course, you can then present it to your friends so that they can learn even more about you. Just take the time to spend moments together before.

4 other tips for a perfect start to a relationship

6- Being yourself

There is nothing more important than being natural from the start. We can sometimes tend to “stick” one character to please the other even more. It is a mistake. If you are not natural and you do not feel at ease from the start, that you feel like you have to play a role, it is that the person in front of you does not match not. Of course, you don’t reveal your character in its entirety from the first meeting, but the important thing is to be yourself and no one else.

7- Approach your past, your ex

There are no rules per se, but the point is not to say too much either at the start of the relationship. You could break the spell if you talked about everything, right away. Of course, everyone has their past and their history, as long as this is settled for each of you there is no risk that this poses a problem. You will take the time, as you spend your time together, to discover yourself and thus learn little by little the past of the other. But the question of ex is often prone to misunderstandings, to say too much or not enough, it is better to learn to know a minimum the reactions of the other before delving into his sentimental past.

8- Accept the uncertainty of the relationship at the start

When love begins, you can’t control things. Indeed, we do not know the person in front of us, we do not know what he (she) thinks and feels. We just know that it attracts us, we like it, that it caught our attention. We are curious but we must know how to be patient and take things slowly, day by day. The start of a relationship is strewn with doubts and questions, just take the time to answer it in pairs. Accepting the fact that the relationship begins with uncertainty makes it easier to start a story.

9- Do not fear conflicts

At the start of a relationship, you don’t expect to have even minimal conflict or disagreement. We tend to believe that it’s magic, that everything will go perfectly well. This is called the seduction phase in love. This may be true but it is also possible that during a banal discussion, a disagreement will arise between you and that you will enter into a beginning of conflict. Do not worry, nobody agrees on everything you will not escape the rule. You just need to know how to defuse problems from the start to avoid future tensions. Talk about it, communicate your differences, accept them, and everything will be fine.

I hope these 9 tips for a perfect start to a relationship will help you make the most of your relationship and make it last as long as possible. You can also read our article on 15 illustration tips to make your couple last.