9 Tips For Getting Over Your Ex Boyfriend, That Work

Getting over your ex-boyfriend is not easy.

For some people, it can take months, even years to kill the negative feelings of being apart.

Here are 9 tips on how you can get over it once and for all and then get on with your life.

Did you break up with him, or did he break up with you, or did you both decide it wasn’t working anymore?

It doesn’t really matter now.

It’s over and you probably won’t get back together with it no matter what you do.

There’s a reason things didn’t work out.

Sure, it’s possible to get your ex back, but that’s another story.

I assume you want to forget about it, turn a page and move on with your life.

Here’s what you can do to mend your broken heart and make those painful thoughts go away.

1 . Stay Busy

Do things.

Be active.

When you have things to do (watching TV doesn’t count), you clear your mind and just don’t have time to think about your ex.

Be busy, have a hobby, work on your career and meet old friends.

2 . Work Out 

Go to the gym or go jogging.

Do some physical exercise.

This will strengthen your body, mind, and soul so that you will be less emotional and more productive.

You might even meet your new love at the gym.

3 . Leave Home 

Staying at home, watching TV, and checking your ex-boyfriend’s Facebook and Instagram profile isn’t going to help.

distract yourself.

Get out of the house whenever you can.

Don’t go to places that remind you of him.

4 . Don’t Go Crazy, Accept Your Pain 

Don’t completely exclude him from your life.

He may be your ex-boyfriend now, but not long ago you loved each other – don’t be mad at him or at yourself.

Forgiving him and yourself is the first step to peace of mind after a breakup.

Accept that it’s over and that life goes on.

You need to be strong and able to control your pain – how?

Accept this.

Acceptance is the first step.

Don’t try to resist.

I’m not saying you should spend more time with your ex, but don’t exclude them from your life either – it’s possible to remain friends with your ex regardless of what you believe now.

Give each other a chance to continue communicating, that’s what nice, emotionally healthy, open-minded people do.

5 . Don’t Look For A New Guy 

You’ve just broken up with your boyfriend and you’re trying to get over him – finding a new boyfriend after just a moment of weakness is silly and unrealistic.

Give yourself some time and be fair to your ex.

You would feel terrible if he had a new girlfriend all of a sudden too.

Have some respect for each other.

Take it easy and let your heart heal.

It wouldn’t be fair to that new guy either; you would just use him as a cheap replacement for your ex so you don’t feel like crap.

That’s selfish.

Have some fun being single, rethink your life, get to know yourself better.

Stay strong and keep going.

You don’t need anyone to be happy but yourself.

6 . Be Positive

Paulo Coelho says in one of his books: “When someone leaves, it is so that another can arrive”.

Know that just because your ex left you, it’s for a reason.

Maybe it’s a good thing, even if your ego is bruised and your heart is broken.

See this on the positive side.

If you didn’t break up, you’d never meet the next guy who came along.

Yes – it will come – but only if you think positively.

Open yourself up to new opportunities by looking at things from the right angle.

Your heart is broken because you let it be broken.

You can’t forget your ex – not because of him, but because of yourself – you don’t allow yourself to forget him.

Allow yourself to move on.

It’s easier than you think.

7 . Do You Like Pain?

Think about it for a second.

Do you like to feel bad?

Maybe you like to feel like a victim.

Maybe not.

But be realistic and honest with yourself.

I know you can feel terrible right now, and you will still feel like crap IF you decide, “I feel bad.”

Stop negative self-talk.

Wake up the next morning and scream out loud “I feel great!” then repeat this, as many times as you can, until you really believe it feels good.

I know this sounds silly – but it works!


8. Overcome Your Pain 

The best way to get over your ex-boyfriend is to get over the pain.

You are now inside your head.

Change your way of thinking.

See yourself from the outside.

Rise above your pain and accept your situation.

This separation is not an end, it is just a new beginning.

New opportunities are all around you.

You cannot see yourself if you close yourself off with negativity.

Open your eyes!

Get away from your pain; don’t let it eat you.

You are stronger than you think.

9 . Love Yourself 

Life works in strange ways.

Sometimes you just don’t “click” with a guy completely.

Why date someone who isn’t right for you.

There is someone for everyone and you will find true love sooner or later.

Just open up, Mr. Right could be just around the corner.

Everything is possible.

Don’t put pressure on yourself.

The first step in getting over your ex is acceptance.

The second step is to keep walking.

You have to move forward in life and have a positive attitude.

Love yourself and you will be adorable to the world around you.

Never forget… after the rain, the sun always comes out.

It might be raining right now, so grab your umbrella, keep walking, and sooner than you think, the sun will shine brighter and bring a smile to your face.