9 tips, how to avoid an impossible love that you know you should not have

I have a forbidden love, what do I do? Whoever says that he has not had an impossible love needs to live. But avoiding an impossible love is not precisely ignoring our emotions, but using them to overcome ourselves. Well, there are many factors of our own that make us live a forbidden love.

We are love and we like to love. That’s why sometimes we don’t mind going to the limit. We like danger when the prize is love. It is so exciting to do things that lead to great adventures.

1.- An impossible love is that person that there are a thousand barriers

The songs for an impossible love speak of that person that we love and that drives us crazy. We feel like we could do anything, but deep down we know we are not in control.

How to get an impossible love out of your head? Focusing on what we can control. An impossible is everything that we like but it is outside of us and we cannot change.

Sometimes we meet people with whom we experience emotions that make us fly. But you have to put your feet on the ground. In love, we cannot always overcome all obstacles.

2.- Avoiding an impossible love can be to become better people

What can you do when you like someone forbidden? There are walls that cannot be jumped. Religion, social, professional, with commitment, age or distance, etc.

Many songs to dedicate to a forbidden lover speak of loves that get stuck in a possibility. Loves that make us feel helpless and at the same time wonderful.

But all that means we long for an exciting life that is right for us. Why not take what we can control and work on that person who achieves extraordinary things?

3.- A forbidden love can start at any time without warning

Suddenly out of nowhere, you feel a hypnotic attraction for someone. Most last only a moment, others a few weeks and even years. How to forget an impossible love that stagnates your life?

Some loves make you happy, others sad, anxious and even feel helpless. For example, how to be jealous of a married man that you like and agree to be his lover.

You know that it is a forbidden love but by making you live little sparks of extreme passion you become addicted. Extreme adventures make your life feel better.

4.- A forbidden love is one that is not socially correct

For example, falling in love with someone who is married, a relative, or someone with a great age difference. Impossible love is also falling madly in love with famous people.

This is love, it arises spontaneously with force without respecting laws, kinship, and social mandates. Whoever falls in love knows that it is a forbidden love, but he loves it and is passionate about it.

But, how to avoid an impossible love? When a forbidden love arises, how to overcome it? Or, how to make an impossible love possible?

5.- What has to change so that your forbidden love becomes possible?

There are forbidden loves with a lot of fire that correspond without considering the inconveniences. But it is important to be clear about whether your love is impossible or not.

For example, if they cannot show themselves in society, it may be impossible to love. What would have to change for them to have the freedom to show their love in public?

If one of them is married they could get divorced, but at what cost? If there is an age difference, society could change its perspective. In neither of these cases are you in control?

6.- Identify if what you feel is truly love

You can avoid an impossible love and all the problems that come with it if it is just a whim. Avoiding a forbidden love is simpler when it comes to platonic love.

What you feel is truly love? What would it be like if you were the person you love the most, how would you treat yourself? Are there third parties that can be affected?

For example, there are many reasons to avoid love with a married man. There is no point doing with another person what you would not like them to do with you.

7.- Avoid a forbidden love thinking about the risk it means

Are you in love or is that relationship convenient for you, but is it really worth it? Reflect on whether it is worth forcing the barriers that separate them or it is better to avoid that forbidden love.

Also, imagine that this impossible love was possible, how would your life be? How would society see you? Would you be willing to face the inherent difficulties?

Most importantly, would you really be happy? It is obvious that you are passionate about it now, but would you have a happy future? Or maybe you better know how to avoid an impossible love.

8.- Is the other person willing to take the same risks as you?

The best way to forget a forbidden love is to take into account only what you can control. The other person can make a thousand promises to you, but everything is beyond your control.

The best way to avoid a forbidden love is by being responsible and loving yourself. The other person may change his mind, he may reflect and repent.

In the other person, passion can diminish and sanity has more power. “And they lived forever” is a scenario that happens only in movies.

9.- Share with someone you trust what is happening to you

Another way to avoid an impossible love is to ask the advice of someone you trust. Consulting a person who leads a happy and successful lifestyle can help you a lot.

Externalizing your feelings can help you see better, especially to put your feet on the ground. Advice from someone who is on the path of happiness and success is always worthwhile.

Love is not to suffer, love is to feel freer and be better people. Impossible love is when you focus on what you cannot do or on your weaknesses.