9 tips that prove you’ve been together for a long time

The proof that you have been sharing your life for a long time!

Couples who have been together for a long time are special and strong. Lovers have their own habits and specifications, but most of all, they can do really disgusting things in a very mundane way, like it’s normal. If you have been sharing your life with Jules for more than 2 years, you will recognize yourself in our selection.

1.Closing the bathroom door is no longer a problem

At the start of your relationship, if your Jules was in the bathroom, you don’t even dare to go in even being in a great hurry to relieve yourself, and also, you don’t walk through the bathroom door until he is. at the other end of the apartment to sneak in. It was your routine the first few months of romance, but those days are gone, there is no problem going to the bathroom at the same time. You do your business, and Jules brushes his teeth, quite normal!

2.Waxing is no longer an obligation

To seduce your sweetheart at the start of your relationship, it was unthinkable that you would spend a moment with him without first going to the beautician to get rid of your hair: armpit, legs and bikini line. Now, it doesn’t cause you any more trouble as it does Jules. Small regrowth on the legs, armpits and others no longer bother anyone, even under the duvet.

3.At the restaurant, you order for him

When you meet at the restaurant for a little candle light dinner and Jules is a little late or he has parked the car, you choose what he is going to eat so much, you know his culinary tastes, and every time you do that. But when you get it wrong and he wanted something else, this situation really annoys him. But the coolest thing about it is that it also does the same with you.

4.You know all his passwords

By dint of living together, you know all his passwords: computer, phone, accounts on social networks, emails … because on many occasions, he opened his accounts, his computer and his phone in front of your eyes, and nasty as you are, you are not looking at the screen, but his fingers typing each of the letters. But he doesn’t know you know them. When you go through his stuff, don’t get caught!

5.You know each other by heart

Your boyfriend knows everything about you, and you do the same for him: the little habits, the way of eating, the favorite movies, the things that make you laugh … He knows very well how you drink your coffee, how much you hate it when you disturbs while you put on your nail polish… Of course you love him and he loves you, but besides, he has become your best friend.

6.For you, a simple glance says a lot

So much so, you know yourself that you can only chat by exchanging a few pointed glances. A simple glance can make you laugh like crazy or it can cause an argument too. And you do that without embarrassment when you’re alone at home, in front of other people, at the restaurant and the like.

7.The little extra pounds, no worries

Since the time that you have been together, you have well passed the stage of “I take care what I eat so as not to gain weight” with the sole aim of always pleasing him. In addition, he has already thrown the phrase “I love you as you are” and often says it then, you allow yourself to eat what you want, “Well, it doesn’t matter even if I put on a few pounds, because Jules is not at all against curves ”.

8. Bad breath in the morning is normal

When you’ve started dating and are already spending your nights together, you make sure to wake up before Jules to run to the bathroom to brush your teeth or to do a refreshing mouthwash so that when you wake up. your man does not smell the horrible morning smell coming out of your oral cavity. But today, you really don’t give a damn about your breath, and the worst part is that he’s not disgusted at all.

9.You don’t know how to keep a secret

Since you live under the same roof, and have been for years, you know everything about your man, even his little secrets. So, when you discover some really questionable, even embarrassing things about your Jules, you will run to call your BFF to tell him everything without further delay.