9 tips to help you find love

Finding love in nowadays is accompanied by an infinity of modern challenges. So much so that you might think it is impossible to invite you to a date, unless you spend your life on dating apps on your smartphone.

But fear nothing! There are lots of tips and tricks to get the best out of yourself and prepare for the day when you meet the right person. Here is a list of advice given by specialists:

Stop trying to look like Kim Kardashian

We will never stop telling you: Be yourself. Tarra Bates-Duford, marriage counselor, reminds us that men hate women who disguise themselves rather than dress and those who spread their face with makeup. The basis of love is compatibility and it’s hard to bond with a woman when you don’t really see who she is.

Don’t think it’s a necessity

For Crystal Moore, an expert in romantic relationships, there is no miracle recipe for finding love. But, you must not lose self-esteem and always keep faith that a great meeting can happen at any time.

Go out with as many people as you can

It might seem a bit superficial but by going to more dating, you will increase your chances of meeting someone and you will know exactly what you are looking for in your future half. For Anthony Centore, doctor and founder of a personal wellness site, we often go out for a long time with the wrong person instead of frequenting more people for less time.

Take care of yourself

Entrepreneur Chris Amstrong recommends that you shop and have fun. Before loving someone, love yourself and pamper yourself. You will feel good about yourself, confident and ready to wreak havoc.

Don’t be in a hurry

Take your time and make the necessary efforts to fully invest yourself in your quest for love. According to Elly Klein, founder of a dating site, you will have good feedback and find love faster than you think

Go on vacation

See the world and visit a place you’ve always dreamed of. For Christine Baumgartner, marriage counselor, once you are away from your routine, you will feel more relaxed and zen, which will make you more attractive to others. If you get away from it all, you will feel yourself and become more interesting.

Be selective

Instead of going to meetings with lead feet, wasting your time and money and especially your motivation to meet someone, be more selective and demanding. History also of not having to beg your best friend to call you and simulate an emergency to save you from a painful encounter. Lori Salkin works for a dating site and advises you to only go out with someone who really interests you because you will be more willing to spend time with this person, while the opposite would rather make you want to go home and watch a movie.


April Masni, marriage counselor, recommends that you smile every day as much as you can. It’s simple and it works. It will open doors, make you accessible and the opportunities for new meetings will only flourish.

Choose something other than meetings

According to Kimberly West, a relationship expert, the worst way to get to know someone is to go on dates. Instead, do fun activities that you both enjoy, you will be zen and spontaneous. Go dancing or at the beach, spend the day in an amusement park or shopping center etc. If you meet someone you like, keep seeing yourself and talking, but not “dating”. It’s the only way to identify who he really is and whether his lifestyle is right for you.