9 ways the beautifully broken girl likes differently

There is a beauty and a sadness in the girl courageous enough to love deeply. The beauty is that there was probably someone in her past in whom she believed more than anyone. The sad thing is that the same person probably soiled her a little.

But the beautifully broken girl wears scars with great pride:

1. She knows extreme happiness.

She knows what it’s like to wake up every day excited and impatient to wake up. She knows what it’s like to look at someone and see perfection, beauty and everything that’s right in the eyes of another.

2. Only because she saw extreme sadness.

She saw her reflection with mascara flowing from her eyes. She has seen someone she does not recognize. She knows what it is to reach the bottom of the hole.

3. She knows how strong she is.

If there is one thing she is proud of, it is her strength and her ability to overcome something. Even in her worst days, she knows that she can overcome anything.

4. Only because he was left to pick up the pieces of his heart.

She knows what it’s like to live a completely numb life and weather storms.

5. She knows what she’s worth, because someone treated her like she was useless.

She knows what she has to offer. And she will not be satisfied with the average. Someone may have gotten away with it without treating it properly in the past, but it made sure it never happened again

6. She may be protecting herself, but she still believes in love.

She will protect her heart because she gave it too quickly and too easily. At the bottom of her heart which she protects, she knows that there are beautiful things to love.

7. She can’t give all of her heart to you right away.

If she has learned one thing, it is to be demanding in matters of love. She will not give you her whole heart, but rather will give it to you piece by piece over time.

8. She won’t be afraid to tell you her story.

There is a past that made her what she is. When she tells you, listen. When tears run down her face, she will look at you and you will see her in her most honest moment. It’s your job to wipe away the tears and hold her in your arms.

9. She won’t be afraid to love you…

She’s just afraid that you don’t like her.