9 Ways To Change Your Boyfriend (Just A Little Bit)

No matter how much you love your man, there will always be things about him that will drive you crazy.

But trying to fix it can be tricky.

Try these subtle moves.

According to reports, Katy Perry is back with John Mayer because she believes she can change him.

There will always be things about your boyfriend or husband that drive you crazy, but trying to change him can be tricky.

Odds are, he doesn’t even know he has certain flaws.

Buy him a gift card at a good barber shop – the kind that shaves, etc.

It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but he’s likely to have a much better cut there and he’ll probably like the surroundings.

soon after, praising his new haircut with the greatest enthusiasm in the world.

He Burps And Farts In Front Of You

You should be completely upfront with him in this case: tell him that if he’s going to treat you like a friend of his, you’ll sleep with him as often as a friend of his.

This should end this habit very quickly.

If There’s Something You Want To Do

As if it’s not just a matter of you getting annoyed about something – talk to him and ask him which football games he really needs to watch (There will probably only be one). commit there – you’ll watch the game with him if he goes to the show in the park with you, or whatever you want.

Guys Like To Have A Purpose.

So make a formal division of work around the house.

He washes the dishes; you do something else.

(You might even find that guys are happiest when they do chores…)

Beard And Pubic Hair Too Big.

Tell him that while you respect his right to scratch and scratch, it reminds him of his father.

Tell him it’s not him, it’s his beard, so he doesn’t get hurt.

He Forgets Important Occasions

Yes, it sucks, but if you know he is forgetful, you should remind him of a big date like a birthday before.

As long as you don’t get annoyed by it, he’ll be grateful for you.

He insists on playing DJ in the car

Make a rule: whoever drives and/or pays for gas controls the radio most of the time.

He’s Vague About Things

If your man is too vague when he says he’ll call (“later”) or when he plans to come over to your house (“anytime tonight”), don’t wait for him.

Schedule your own things, and if they conflict with his “later”, kindly tell him that you weren’t sure when you’d see him, so you made your own plans.

He will get the message.

He’s Really Bad At Giving Gifts.

As well as the fact that he doesn’t remember important occasions, you need to be explicit.

Let him know what you want.

You don’t have to say “Buy me this!” but you also can’t leave a catalog open with a photo of what you want, because he won’t get the tip.

Talk about it clearly.