9 weird things women do to seduce men

When our little heart beats for a boy and we want to seduce him, we feel overwhelmed, with our heads in the stars.

Besides, maybe it’s because we are soaring high in the sky that sometimes we do downright weird and insane things …


Make-believe that we only have qualities

Of course, it’s easier to seduce a man by showing him that you are always cool, smiling, relaxed, funny, temperate, etc. But hey: to make believe that we only have qualities, it’s a bit messy plan. Because there will be a moment when he will realize that we are either jealous, or ultra-clumsy, or super messy, or addicted to shopping … and he will say to himself that we have not been sincere with him.

Lying about her age

When a man pleases us and we want to please him, we say to ourselves that we have to show ourselves in our best light. And so, when he asks us our age, we tend to panic (in mode “if he asks me that it’s because he thinks I’m old ho my God”) and to stammer a lie like ” tren-uh-twenty-hui-uh-twenty-uh … twenty-five and a half ”.

And just lie!

When we want to seduce a man, we often do everything so that he understands that the two of us, it’s obvious, that we are too complementary and all and all. Suddenly, to prove to her, we turn into a super-liar in spite of ourselves: hey it’s funny, but we also love Moldovan contemporary art and Eric Rohmer’s films 

Go to football parties because he will be there

Like 90% of girls, we hate football. But since we learned that HE loved it and that he was going to watch the game at Nico’s on Thursday night, we invited ourselves too. So, in order not to betray our intentions, we learned by heart the offside rule just in case!

Make a bad plan with a girlfriend

Like “we meet at 3 at 7:30 pm, but you at 8:12 pm you pretend to receive a call from your grandmother who asks you to go and feed her goldfish urgently because she left at a speed- dating like that you leave us together ”. Very credible, well done!

Play the girl who doesn’t care

We know that the majority of men prefer independent women than the pots of glue that run after them. That’s why even if we really want to see him again after this first date, which went too well, we won’t answer his text until 24 hours later, and we won’t agree to see him again. that next week.

Hiding in the street

When we like a man and we see him in the street out of the blue, we often have a tendency to panic: we hadn’t planned to see him today, we don’t even have a good hair. So instead of going to greet him, either we turn on our heels, or we follow him discreetly to see what he was doing in the area …

Trying to survey his friends to see if he likes him

We remind you for information that after college, this type of approach is niet!

Test 82 different smiles in front of our mirror

And this in order to determine if the smile that suits us best is the n ° 73 (the “I am shy but not too much”) or the n ° 27 (the “too funny your joke on … I did not know her” ) …