A man, a real man to protect his wife

I have no idea what you learned as a child, but let me tell you one thing right now – violence is not love.

Think for a moment, how many women would be spared torture if we stopped presenting violence in a romantic light?

No, love is not supposed to be difficult. It requires a lot of effort, but should never require you to lean forward to receive it.

No, love shouldn’t hurt. The fact that we yearn for someone, that we miss him when he is far away, that we dream of his arms and his caresses are normal things, but they are sweet sufferings. True love never questions your worth, never makes you wonder if you are good enough, and never makes you feel like you are broken into a million pieces day after day.

You see, there is one thing that we all have to get into our heads – a man, a real one does not make us feel that love is difficult, but that it is the thing easier in the world. A man, a real one does not harm his wife, he protects her. The rest are just lies that we tell ourselves, for fear of separating from our toxic partner.

The truth is that a real man would never do anything to deliberately harm the woman he loves. He would never do anything that could be frightening, threatening, or likely to break his heart. There is a list of things that a real man would do and assaulting his wife is not one of them.

Men who rape women are nothing but cowards hiding behind their manhood. But they are not real men. They have the form of a man, but this only contains a vitiated soul.

If you ask a child to draw someone who rapes a woman (either psychologically or physically), do you know what he will draw? A monster, and that’s exactly what it is.

A man, a real one, respects himself enough to never lie, never play and never destroy someone who has given him his heart. It’s that simple.

A real man cherishes his wife. He knows that whatever he gives a woman, she will return it twice. If you give her your heart, she will offer you all her love. If you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her your love, she will make you feel like the only man on earth. What more could we want then?

The real men protect their wives. They don’t just pretend in public, then abuse them at home, when no one is watching. They protect their wives, even from themselves. They make him feel safe and would never allow something bad to happen to him. The thing is, the real men are aware of the strength of women. They do not consider them as belonging to the weaker sex, but are present when life puts them to the ground.

Men, the real ones, hate to see a broken and kneeling woman begging for love or pity. It turns their stomachs upside down. It is only a pleasure for sadists. For a man, a real one, it is the fact of seeing his wife with her head high, happy and full of confidence that strengthens him. Nothing is more pleasant than that in the eyes of a man, a real one.

For a true man, his greatest strength is a happy woman. Only cowards like to violate and belittle the woman who has chosen to give her her heart.

Circumstances mean that we can find ourselves in this kind of situation and, because of social pressure, be content with it. And being content with little gives pride of place to violence. We let ourselves go. We begin to ignore our own wishes and desires. We forget its value and we think we deserve all the pain inflicted on us. But it’s wrong. So please never settle for that. No, love yourself until loneliness becomes a better option than being in a relationship with someone who treats you with no respect.

Self-love is the key when it comes to warding off violence. When you think about it, it makes sense. Because when we love each other, we know what we deserve. We know its value and we know how we deserve to be treated. It is when we love each other that we can allow others to love us.

So whoever you are, whatever animates you, whatever it is that you have lived and whatever love you have for a man, always keep in mind that men, true ones protect their women, they do not violate it. Please never settle for a violent man.

Know that with a worthy man, his love will be like a home . A real man will be there in difficult times, he will be a shoulder to lean on and he will do everything he can to protect you, so that you feel safe. So please don’t ever let someone threaten you and call it love.