All I need, right now, might be myself.

Maybe I don’t need The Love, or a person beside me.

Maybe at this time of my life I just prefer to do things for myself.

Maybe I need to broaden my horizons, travel the world, see different oceans, meet more people who will inspire me.

Maybe I need the freedom to go and do whatever I want without having a person to bring me back to reality.

Maybe I need to learn what I really want in this life, or what my desires in Love are, what kind of relationship I want, what kind of love I want to live …

Maybe I have to differentiate between seeking Love and understanding my heart or what it really wants.

Maybe in the end I just need to let go and love myself, in a way that no other person can and will love me in life.

Maybe I have to forget all these love disappointments, all these mistakes I made, all the pain I suffered from this partner whom I loved more than anything.

I must surely be whatever I ask other people to be with myself.

Or to be that someone for myself, to hold my hand, to learn not to fall again and again.

Surely I have to learn to be my biggest fan and to love who I am, as I am.

But above all this point is essential, I may need to be more independent, learn to be happy alone so that the partner who will be by my side in my future relationship is not a constraint on my happiness, but a real choice, that to offer both true happiness. That of sharing our life together.

I must surely learn all the things that one should learn alone, go far and sail, be my own beacon on the tumultuous eddies of the sea to guide me through the night, my own pilot, and follow my own destiny.

There are two types of people in this world,

People who have been brought up wanting stability, security, and who find Love when they are young.

And there are these other people …

Those who want and seek happiness, magical moments, being adventurers, having the thrill every day, these are the people who have the most difficulty in finding Love.

Because our deep nature pushes us to explore everything, to discover, to want to live everything, immediately, or rather yesterday, we want to quench our thirst for Love, for everything, but we are frightened by the daily grind, that quietly turns us off and kills us.

Maybe I have to live with a broken heart, rather than living with The Love, because in the end, I am well with everyone and nobody at the same time during this period.

Perhaps too often I have to find excuses, defeats, not to go forward, to dare, when very often I risk everything for everything.

Maybe all I need right now is to do some work on myself, heal myself after being defeated, pick up every piece of the puzzle of my heart, the scars, and open up to what life can offer me.

Maybe in the end, the only thing I need is to trust life and just live the present moment, the present moment and no longer ask myself or ask myself all these questions, and simply let me go.

You don’t have to look for love, love will find you.