Apologies Means Nothing: It’s Acts That Matter

If someone apologizes for mistreating you and then starts over, their apologies mean nothing. These are just empty words. And above all, it is a beautiful proof of immaturity.

To be mature is above all to be able to recognize your faults and do a job to redeem yourself. 

So above all, never be sorry to get away from someone who hurts you, seems to feel remorse and apologizes, and finally starts again. You are in your right. You do not have to undergo the repeated mistreatment of a person.

We all make mistakes, it’s human. But one thing is certain, someone who really loves you will make every effort to make up for their mistakes. Someone who loves you will be unable to stand there in front of you and act as if nothing had happened.

Someone who loves you may hurt you once, but not twice. Hurting the person you love is unbearable and always will be.

As someone said very well “words, words, words,”. Words are easy to pronounce, but actions are more important. It is easy to say something without thinking about it.

The man in your life will certainly not be perfect. And mistakes, he will. But there is a major difference between a toxic man who absolutely does not deserve you and a good man who has decided to give you his heart: the latter will do everything possible to become a better man.

Some will only apologize because they know it is what you want to hear because it is the easiest way to close the subject, or because they feel uncomfortable after having been caught in the bag.

And at the time, their tears may be sincere, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that this person will start treating you the way you deserve the next day.

Unfortunately, people never really change. Or at least, they rarely change sustainably.

If you’ve been living with a man who has mistreated you (in one way or another) for months or years, believe me, it is unlikely that he will ever change.

The manipulators also have a very well-developed strategy. After a mistake, they apologize and adopt a ‘redemptive’ attitude. They become very soft. They spend more time with you. They make you feel like you’ve really changed. But it never lasts long …

As soon as you lower your guard again, they go back to the attack and become again what they have always been.

So, when apologizing, always exercise caution and mistrust. Because you must not give a second chance or a third chance to someone who does not deserve it.

You must not question your values, your principles or your requirements to keep someone in your life who does not belong there. You don’t have to stretch the stick to get beaten, no one!

You should only accept an apology if it comes from someone you know is sincere. Of a person who, you are sure, really wants to work on himself and to redeem himself.

Again, if you’ve been treated the same and have had the same apologies dozens of times, don’t wait … This person will not change, no matter how many times they say ‘ this time, I will change ‘.

You have to gain confidence in yourself. You have to realize your worth. You deserve more than a man who apologizes and then starts hurting you again.

You deserve much better than a selfish partner. You deserve a man whose excuses bring about change. A man who, when he says “I’m sorry” really means it. To be sorry is not just to say a few words, it is to act accordingly.

Remember, apologies don’t mean anything: it’s acts that count. 

Saying “I love you”, saying “I’m sorry” or saying “It was the last time, I promise you” is the easiest thing in the world. But changing attitudes, working on yourself and treating others the way they deserve is much more difficult.