Are you bad in your relationship? The 8 signs that don’t deceive

Even the most beautiful things come to an end, unfortunately. And even if it has been a long time since people believe that crazy love lasts forever, it is still difficult to make the decision to end a relationship. To be sure, here is a list of 8 signs that prove you don’t like it anymore.

“You have to know how to leave the table when love is served,” said Charles Aznavour very nicely. And yet, we sometimes insist on staying in relationships that no longer give us any happiness and that slowly turns to bitter.

It’s not just a matter of losing the passion of the beginning: sometimes the heaviness of the routine, the accumulation of disagreements or frustrations can eat away at a relationship until its destruction. And even if it may be more comfortable to mope in the safety of a couple who no longer works rather than daring to make a new start, it is better to tackle this problem before it becomes too large.

Indeed, staying in a couple without love amounts to ordering a banana split at the restaurant and not being able to taste it: it is an unhealthy self-torture. We accumulate resentment, sorrow, dissatisfaction, and we sink into a dangerous spiral which, in the long term, is likely to inflict a severe blow on our morale as well as on our self-confidence. Out of respect for yourself and your partner, it is often healthier to cut short. Here is a list of 8 signs that should help you see if you are unhappy as a couple because there is no more love between you.

1- You have lost your enthusiasm

Being in a loveless relationship is extremely depressing and tiring. This generates permanent weariness, which keeps you in a bath of sadness without you necessarily being aware of it. And it can cause you to close in on yourself, to be more moody or depressed.

If your friends take the road, they will be the first to point out to you that you are not yourself, and that beyond the spark of your couple, it is your flame with you which you lost … and it’s not worth it!

2- You are easily irritated by your partner

When you love someone, you come to love absurd things, like their smell in the morning, their tics of language or their obsession with cycling competitions.

If you find yourself looking up as soon as your partner makes a move, you refrain from screaming in exasperation every time he speaks and you find yourself typing on Google “How to get rid of a body easily “, it may be time to reconsider your couple … We all deserve to have someone who finds our fear of pigeons adorable.

3- You no longer have any intimate life, nor desire for each other

Your libido can go through a dark period, but that does not mean that your couple is dead, fortunately. The question is therefore not really the frequency of your  physical intercourse, but your need for intimacy: if the idea of ​​a hug disgusts you more and you no longer feel any desire for physical proximity with your partner, remember you that our body sometimes makes us pass messages that our reason refuses to admit …

4- You no longer want to spend time together

In a couple, it’s normal and even healthy to spend time on your own. However, if you find yourself rushing every day to your friends to avoid seeing your partner, and you do not hesitate to return as late as possible, or even to sleep so as not to have to meet him, this reveals a serious underlying problem in your relationship. Love is also the desire to do things together …

5- You have stopped trying to please yourself

Even in a somewhat worn-out relationship, love goes through the desire to please the other, to make him happy. And this can manifest itself in many ways: words of love, small attentions, surprises … Or simply a compliment. If you can no longer make efforts to make your partner happy, that you no longer have the desire or the energy, this is indicative of a deep discomfort in your relationship.

6- You lose confidence in yourself

Self-confidence is a fragile gift, which is never more surely broken than by indifference. It is precisely for this reason that a relationship without love is a harmful relationship: we build our self-image through the eyes of another, and when the gaze of the other returns us only from weariness and disinterest can be truly devastating.

7- You have stopped doing projects for two

While young lovers get drunk by building castles in Spain with great blows of “We will … we will go there … we will be …”, you can no longer speak either in the future or in the plural. While projection is a normal extension of love, you are reluctant to make projects for two and you find it hard to imagine yourself in the future with your partner: this is a sign that does not disappoint, unfortunately …

8- You criticize your partner in front of your friends

We are not talking about funny little gossip between girlfriends or dissection of a punctual argument, but the real sharp monologues where you get your partner down with disgust. If when you talk about him, you find only negative points to talk about, and you feel the need to spit with rage what you really think of him, you are probably on the verge of implosion … Flee before it’s too late: you’re hurting yourself!