Are you clingy with your guy?

If you are too clingy with your boyfriend, he will feel suffocated and might end up hitting his neck one day or another. To find out if this applies to you, read on. 

You ask him for attention all the time 

When he doesn’t write you 30 texts a day, you blame him. “You don’t call me enough”, “you don’t write to me”, “you don’t think of me” … Stop there! You don’t give him time to breathe, you are on his back all the time. 

Remember that it is by leaving a bird’s cage open that it always comes back on its own. Now, it’s the same with a man, give him his secret garden and he’ll come home every night. So, let him breathe because, at this rate, you risk losing him. 

You are always available 

Even if he played the dead for several days, even if he ignored you, you always answer there when he needs you. By doing this, you show him that you are acquired and that he does not need to put in the effort to satisfy you. 

Result, he says to himself that it is in the pocket since you will always be there no matter what. Bad plan …

You are fusional 

You are a whole woman who lives things thoroughly. Admittedly, it is a great quality but in a couple, each one must keep his identity and his secret garden. Creating the lack is essential for the relationship to last. 

Do things on your own and let him do the same. That’s the secret to keeping the flame … 

It is always you who propose 

The outings, the vacations, the important decisions … It is always you who take the initiative! Proof that you are clingy, you always want to organize everything and leave no room for the unexpected. 

Big mistake! Know that men like to be tough and be manly. In other words, let him do the guy who comes to pick you up to go to the restaurant, who takes the initiative to call you and surprise you … It may seem old-fashioned to you, but seduction works like that since the dawn of time!