Are you going to be a victim of “freckling” this summer?

The latest dating trend? The “freckling”. This novelty would only concern holiday love and would only occur in summer, like freckles.

We thought that orbiting would be the last, but love trends keep surprising us. A new term to designate romantic behavior has just appeared. Her name? “Freckling”, derived from the English word “freckles”, which means freckles.

Each year, freckles can intensify on the nose and cheeks, during the first tanning sessions, and then fade in the fall. And freckling is inspired by this phenomenon.

Like freckles, it would only occur with the arrival of summer. Last year, during your vacation, you met someone great. Unfortunately, at the end of the summer, you gradually lost contact with him. However, with the arrival of the beautiful days, this one comes back to the load and your romantic relationship gets back in place as if nothing had changed.

This romantic behavior is a small variant of holiday love since it never really ends and can last for years. This is why “freckling” is the opposite of ghosting.

The American site Askmen, which exposed this curious amorous behavior, explains it: “It is someone, who, instead of disappearing forever, is happy to be in your life without being too much there. aware of your progress but don’t give much news during the winter. ”

Have you been a victim of freckling?

Wondering how to know if you are a victim of freckling? If last year, you had flashed on this beautiful kid who had distanced himself from the end of the summer and that he is again appearing as the holidays approach, you are in the thick of it. Your old crush uses freckling to keep you under your elbow.

Generally, this type of relationship resembles a romantic relationship, but that only lasts during the summer. You benefit from each other, without ever getting too involved, or introducing yourself to your families or friends. You keep your distance, since, anyway, you only talk to each other for a small part of the year.

You can satisfy yourself and enjoy freckling or send this cicada, which sings all summer long, without worrying about the rest of the year.