Are you sabotaging your couple?

Without noticing it, you may be helping to sabotage your relationship. In fact, by neglecting yourself and putting the other before you, you exhaust yourself and come close to sentimental burnout. How about we change that?

Does he love me as much as I love him? Does he really want to get involved with me? While it is okay to ask questions about love, being afraid can insidiously undermine a relationship. Indeed, both partners must be positive to move forward. And when you start asking yourself too many questions, you get tired and that’s the sentimental burnout. The first instinct is obviously to fight against your anxieties to save the relationship. So you have to find tips to reassure yourself and rekindle the flame. And especially try to calm this little voice which pushes us to subconsciously sabotage our relationship.

1- do you like

It’s such a simple concept that we tend to overlook it. If you doubt yourself, your other half can feel it. So remember that you are great and do things that make you proud. You will shine.

2- Do these little things that make you happy

In everyday life, we don’t think enough to do what we like. So we take the time to have fun, to go and buy chocolate éclairs in our favorite bakery, to have a gland evening in front Game of Thrones, to test this new Vietnamese restaurant that made us salivate. Whatever. Above all, it’s about breaking your routine which can undermine morale. You will strengthen your emotional capital and your couple should strengthen it.

3- Do not neglect your needs

No, their well-being should not come before yours all the time. Of course, it counts for you to be happy too. But your sleep, your food or your intellectual stimulation count as much as hers. By focusing on happiness, you will exhaust yourself and let yourself go. So think of yourself first, it’s essential.

4- Do not isolate yourself

As a couple, we feel in a cocoon of love with our other half and we leave the rest outside. But do not neglect those around you. You need to be able to count on someone outside your relationship to speak when you need it.

5- Be positive

Once the honeymoon period has passed, we tend to forget what attracted us to the other. The routine sets in and we no longer take the time to remember why HIM. So try to remember a little detail that made you fall in love when you met him. You will find this euphoria from the beginning.

6- Let go

It’s so good to have a little restaurant with your partner from time to time. But most of the time, the problems of home and work follow us and we do not let go 100%. So forget your worries and enjoy it. You will feel like during the first meetings.