Astrology: 4 zodiac signs that are able to break your heart without any mercy

Life is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, but some pains remain more intense than others, experiences that can leave traces in our heart and break it into a thousand pieces. A separation is often hard to live but astrology warns us that these signs are capable of the worst in this area.

Who would wish to be unhappy in love? Clearly no one, which means that there are relationships that you need to stop at all costs before things get worse and your suffering deepens. But is it just enough to stop everything and tell the other that you prefer to leave it to start a new chapter of your life? Or are there any attitudes that should not be adopted in the event of a break, or risk making it a problem?

Anyway, astrologers tell us that there are astrological signs that do not hesitate to hurt their partner when they leave, no matter if they do it for good or bad reasons. So stay on your guard if you are about to engage in a relationship with one of them, the fall could be brutal.


This is a sign for which passion is clearly a reason to live, which means that he is naturally very passionate when he embarks on any sentimental adventure. When it feels fulfilled, the Scorpios is able to impress you to the highest point, you will have the impression to be able to reach the seventh sky with him. The other side of the coin is that the day he is dissatisfied and decides to leave you, he will do it without a hint of hesitation and without even trying to spare your feelings.


Capricorns are not just workaholics, they are also people who rationalize a lot of things in everyday life, of course, relationships are part of it. This rationality so pervades the judgment of this sign that it can sometimes seem heartless in the making of its decisions and breaks are no exception to this rule. Beware of him if he leaves you!


Advancing is usually the watchword for this extreme sign par excellence. He hates being entangled even in challenging situations, whether emotionally or mentally. If he is no longer stimulated, if he is no longer happy, he will put an end to everything without the slightest remorse, knowing that everything that counts in his eyes is what he feels, no matter if his judgment is good or not or if he is motivated by any impulsiveness or not.


A person with this sign is far from insensitive to what his partner feels, even during the breakup. You will even feel that there are times when this sign is waging a  struggle  against itself so as not to go back on its decision at the sight of your sorrow, but the truth is that even if your tears are touching him, his pragmatic side will prevent him from looking back or questioning the direction he decided to give to his life.

In the end, remember that any separation is not a bad thing, try to relativize because sometimes moving away from some people can only allow you to move forward. And if you feel that your love story is sidelining, make it clear and take charge of your life.