Astrology: Here is the best and worst bed partners according to your zodiac sign

We do not talk about the joys of sex for nothing. It is indeed a moment where all your sensory channels allow you to vibrate with pleasure while your whole being is in a trance. Provided, of course, to find the right partner with whom you will have enough compatibility to allow you to live such a moment. Here is the worst and the best partner you could have according to your zodiac sign.
Most often, it’s about finding a person who has about the same physical performance as you but who can also have similar fantasies. An open-minded person who can listen to your preferences.

Your best and your worst partner according to your zodiac sign


You have abundant energy that gives you a high level of sexual performance. You need a partner who can follow your pace and satisfy your excitement, and there is nothing better than a native of the Libra by that. In contrast, an Aquarius, would not be your best choice, since they often prefer to make love smoothly.


A physical ability or a high pace is not really what interests you the most. You are looking for a fusion sensuality that will not fail to make you, both, rise to seventh heaven. The Scorpion would be a wise choice to fulfill your desires. The sign that will not satisfy your appetite is Aries, it is far too energetic to respond to the sensuality you seek.


You are a real adventurer, and losing yourself in the distant lands of pleasure is your first passion. You need a free spirit, in this case, a native Sagittarius. A native of the sign of the Virgin would suit you less, he has a hard time getting out of his comfort zone.


For you, emotions are worth as much as sensations. You are looking for a partner with whom you can establish a link that goes beyond the limits of the physical. A Capricorn would be a nice option for you. In any case, avoid Sagittarius, which is far too unpredictable for you.


Your pride and selfishness do not leave you, even in bed. You need someone intuitive to seize your desires and desires and there is no better than Aquarius for that. Be aware, however, that night with a bull would be more like a clash of titans than a hug.


Looking for a night under the fire of love. The best partner for you would be a native Pisces, who will contribute to establishing that intimacy you desire. But this connection will be much less present if you find yourself in the sheets of a Gemini.


You are a fine diplomat and communication in those moments is important to you. Nevertheless, physical performance matters to you as much. You should favor a Lion for an optimal sensual experience. If your partner is a Cancer, this is surely not your best choice.


You are the zodiac sign best known for its fiery sexual side. Although Capricorn tends to be very different from you, it is still best placed to understand your different sexual desires. The Lion is a choice to avoid if you do not want to end up with a person who will try to impose his desires along the evening.


You have the energy to resell, and to accompany you, no better than Aries. A Cancer native is to be avoided because it might annoy you.


You are looking for a passionate moment of passion, and for that, you need a bull in your bed. A native Aquarius will not be able to follow you in your exploration of Kamasutra.


Sex is for you a session of erotic games. You are also adept at communication in those moments. Aries will be your best ally to make your moments a pure pleasure session. A native of the sign of Virgo is much less compatible with your desires.


You are intuitive, emotional and impulsive. You need a partner who can stimulate your craziest cravings, and for that, there is no better than a native Cancer. On the other hand, a Lion is not really the best ally for a night of pleasure. You would end up with an egocentric person, unable to understand and satisfy the fantasies that drive you.